Thursday, March 25, 2010

Treasure Hunt

I'm still getting back quilts from long arm quilters.  I still have two more that I'd like to get back by this weekend.  This one is called Treasure Hunt because I used it for a vendor shop hop at our quilt show last fall.  I actually have a smaller quilt too as I was going to make it fit a queen size bed and then changed my mind.  The smaller quilt does not have borders and I don't have a plan for it yet.  I really like this quilt for some reason; maybe it's the larger squares or the secondary design that emerged.  Anyway, it's one more for my lectures in April. 

I kind of like how I photographed this quilt on a counter.  When they are too large for my design wall, this just may be the thing to do.  Even better is that I can use the kitchen counters instead of bringing them to work during the cold and/or wet weather.
Tea in MO

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  1. I really like this the bright colors and the overall design. Great job!!!


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