Monday, February 29, 2016

Scrap Quilting Club Show-n-Tell February 2016

I'm progressing well this time with posting scrap quilting club photos.  This show-n-tell is from February 27th's meeting.  As part of the projects this year, I'm encouraging them to finish previous years' projects.

We had a visitor, Caitlin (sp), visit with her grandmother.  This is the fleece blanket she cut and tied at the meeting.  We are so proud of her!

Rita's warm wishes UFO
 Rita t-shirt quilt she's making for a special gift
 Sue's February project, grommet bag, in progress
 Connie's completed grommet bag
 Jennifer's completed grommet bag
Jennifer's quick and dirty quilt UFO
 Jennifer's exploding star UFO
 Jennifer's Zigzag Nine
 Judy was binding a baby quilt
 Judy is also finishing up a wedding gift
 Judy's simply woven UFO
 Judy's staycation UFO
 Judy's hanging garden UFO
 Judy's warm wishes UFO
 Judy's string quilt UFO
 Becky just about finished the quilt is is making for herself
 Judi's UFO string block
 Judi is now ready to start quilting her double wedding ring quilt
 Sandy finished her grommet bag
 Elsie is quilting her retreat quilt project
 This is Becky throwing that quilt top over her shoulder as it grows and grows and grows
 Laura's UFO string blocks
 Carol's UFO warm wishes
 Carol's trifle dish row by row from last year as a UFO

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Sunday, February 28, 2016

Comments Set to "No reply comments"

I've received some comments asking about particular subject areas.  Some information I don't post on social media.  Therefore, in order for me to respond, I need to have an email to respond to.  I will try to go to the post you asked the question on, asking you to email me direct so I can get you an answer.

If you don't hear from me, know that I tried but the "no reply" is the problem.  You will need to fix your settings to allow replies.  I usually respond to comments straight from the emails when Blogger notifies me of a comment.
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My Gypsy Wife Rendition

On February 26, 2016 I began my journey with the Gypsy Wife quilt by Jen Kingwell.  The quilt required the piecing of numerous blocks.  I decided that since I have a lot of orphan blocks already pieced, that I would do one of the following:  (1) cut larger blocks down/rip apart sections or (2) frame smaller blocks to make them fit the allocated spacing in the chart.  That's why my version is a rendition of the original.  My quilt will not have the blocks used in the original version by Jen.

I love making scrap quilts with random blocks placed throughout the quilt.  I meant to start this journey in 2014 as a scrap club yearlong project but life got in the way of my following through.  I recently saw new quilt alongs starting up in March so I thought I get my quilt going as well.

I cut numerous strips from my scrap stash in yellow, orange, red, pink, purple, blue, and green.  I decided to omit tans, browns, black and white unless it was already in a pieced block.  I mostly omitted fabrics that read didn't read as a particular color.

As I began piecing the sections, I could feel the addiction growing stronger and stronger.  It was fast becoming the only project that I wanted to work on.  The addiction won and I made five sections within 24 hours and want to share them with you.

SECTION #1:  I used 5 orphan blocks.  Also, I am using the same fabric strip in the vertical construction of this quilt.  It will become more obvious as I complete the sections.

SECTION #2:  I used 6 orphan blocks.


SECTION 3:  I used 4 orphan blocks.


SECTION 4:  I used 2 orphan blocks


SECTION 5:  I used 7 orphan blocks.


Although I wish I could work on this quilt further, I have to put it aside to work on uploading some of my recent finished projects, scrap quilting club show-n-tell, work of some yearlong projects, make binding for three quilts, and prepare a few income taxes for my family.  I am sadden that I had to put Ms. Gypsy up for a little while.  I'm hoping to be able to publish section 6 within a week otherwise I'll give an update in a blog post.

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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Long Arm Quilting Machine

So much at happened since my last post in December 2015 when I was revamping my space.  The purpose was because I'd purchased a long arm quilting machine and needed to make room!

I did a lot of research prior to purchasing, sewing on most of the machines at the Paducah quilt show last April.  After much consideration, I decided to purchase a Gammill Vision 2.0; 22" throat with 12 foot table.  This was partly due to space and the amount of arm reach I was comfortable with.

Because a lot of research wasn't available when I making my decisions, I made a few YouTube videos.  If you are considering a long arm machine, I hope you will view these videos.

Things to Consider When Purchasing a Long Arm Quilting Machine
My Gammill Vision 2.0 Purchase and Optional and Promotional Supplies and Equipment
Gammill Long Arm Quilting Machine Haul

Here are two more pictures.  The person who delivered my machine set me up with a sample
quilt on.  Then I stitched my first panto quilt.  I have quilted four quilts so far.  I'll get good photos
of them and make a post soon.
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Monday, February 22, 2016

Scrap Quilting Club January 2016 Show-n-Tell

This month our project was to make the Back to School Grommet Bag.  In addition, we have items from previous assignments as well as UFOs for the UFO Challenge.

Sarah is showing a quilt she made with strings.

Sarah's quilt she made for a wedding gift.

Sarah's tote bag she made for charity.

 Connie made a four stack posie quilt top.

Connie is also made two t-shirt quilts; one themed for Taz and the other Cardinals.

Lee Etta is making a Christmas tumbler.

Lee Etta has also finished her Bonnie Hunter mystery that started in November 2015.  She is a quick sewer!

Carol Peck:  I can't remember who these are for, but I love them both.

Jane is also working on Bonnie Hunter's mystery.

Judy is working on a disappearing 4-patch quilt.

Sandy is showing her four UFOs she plan to finish for the year.

Elsie is showing her UFOs too.

Sharon S. is showing her UFOs as well.

Rita finished the tote bag which is not really due until February!

Rita's cut heart quilt.

Rita's disappearing pinwheel quilt for UFO challenge.

This is Cynthia' project.

 This is one of Lenore's UFO projects.

Kathy submitted her four UFOs for the year.

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