Saturday, July 25, 2015

Scrap Quilting Club July 25, 2015

We had a great meeting.  The monthly project is to make a zippered bag.  I gave those present a zipper and a d-ring to use during the construction of your bag.  If you missed the meeting, I will have them available at the next meeting.

Sharon J. won door prize and Jennifer won t-shirt drawing; they both won 3 fat quarters.
Monthly project prizes were Lee Etta and Kathy and yearlong project prize was won by Sharon S.; they each won a kit with thee Stack Four Runners pattern and four fat quarters.

Thanks Sue for the wonderful birthday dessert you brought to the meeting; it was delicious.

Here is the monthly show-n-tell:

I cut hockey themed t-shirts for a commissioned quilt

My string quilt ready for quilting

My Felicity quilt top; needs borders added
Sharon S. has a few projects; string quilt in progress, yearlong project that only need the border, Felicity quilt top completed, and some of the border units for the yearlong project

Judy also completed a lot of projects this month; the Quiltmaker annual Christmas project, Staycation, string quilt, Warm Wishes, and a charm quilt

Jennifer finished row 7 of the yearlong project

Cynthia finished row 7 of the yearlong project

Lee Etta finished some projects too; string quilt, 3rd row of the yearlong project, two non-scrap club projects, and she showed a gifted tote made by Janice

Judi finished her Disappearing Hourglass blocks; now she needs to decide borders

 Sarah made two charity quilts and is working on a third.

 Doris' daughter colored her scrap quilting club t-shirt and Doris added a scrap necklace to complete her outfit.

 We had great fun today and I hope to see you next month!

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Sunday, July 19, 2015

Scrap Quilting Club - June 2015 Results

We've had numerous Scrap Quilting Club meetings since I last posted.  However, these photos are from the June meeting.  I have a mix of projects that are being worked on.  Enjoy the show!

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