Monday, December 19, 2011

Design Wall Monday

I'm back with another design wall Monday.  Yeah!  I still haven't taken a photo of a completed quilt.  Maybe I'll take it to work this week to get that done.  However, I did make the remainder of my drunkard's path blocks and have the quilt top completed.  Now I need to add a few borders.  This pattern is from JayBirdQuilts. Mine is a little different as I added setting triangles all around and of course the borders I'll add at some point.

I finally decided to make a few Christmas gifts.  I made Wonder Wallets by about three or four years ago for friends and family.  Last year they started asking for replacements but I didn't get around to making them.  This weekend I made twenty.  They went really fast and would have been faster if  I'd made them all from the same fabric.  I had to constantly change threads to match the wallet and/or Velcro colors. Maybe I'll make a few more if I get a chance.
That's it for me.  To see more, visit Patchwork Times.
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Monday, December 12, 2011

Design Wall Monday

I started a new project yesterday.  I've been wanting to make this quilt since last year.  I even purchased the batik fabrics and had them still stored together in the store bag.  I decided last week to clean my sewing room and guess what I found.  I'm having so much fun with the drunkard's path blocks.  Of course I cut them with my Accuquilt Go! die cutter, 7" finished blocks.  I have over half of them sewn as the sewing is super easy.  All the previous curve piecing experience has allowed me to get a lot done in a short period of time.

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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Drawing Winner

Thanks everyone for your wonderful comments.  I have used random number generator for the drawing.

The winner is commenter #3,  Lizzy.  Lizzy, I've already sent a message to your email account requesting your snail mail adderess.

Thanks everyone for playing along.
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Saturday, December 10, 2011

A few more finishes

Okay, I forgot to take a final photo of this quilt.  It's a charity quilt for hospital use in the preemie ward.  They need basic quilts that can be washed a lot.  I used my Asian themed charm packs for this one.

I quilted the African Inspired Card Trick quilt.  It was one of the scrap quilting club projects.  The pattern is from All People Quilt. 

Instant Karma was made for a great niece who wanted an orange, pink and purple quilt.  Weird color combination but it does reduce the family quilts I need to make.  It should be less than ten now; I need to check the list.

Made the small tumbler changing pad/quilt for my step-daughter.  She's have a baby in February but the shower was today. Of course the tumblers were cut from my Accuquilt die cutter.  If you need a tutorial, visit my tutorial tab.

And the final quilt in this post is Jitter Buzz, a retreat project I started in February 2009.  I sometimes think of it as the quilt from hell as the directions were not correct when I was piecing the top.  I'm just glad that it's done and I really like it.

Don't forget that tomorrow is the last day to enter the drawing.  See previous post for instructions.  Also, I have one more quilt I completed but need to clip a few threads and sew the label.

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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

What I've been doing; 2 Finishes, Give Away

I've been missing in action. My life kind of spun out of control.  What have I been doing?  The very brief version:  In September we had our guild's quilt show, in October I went to NYC and in November I helped coordinate a major line dance party.  I wasn't able to work on anymore Quiltmaker's 100 blocks so I didn't complete the goal to get them all done in a year.  I'll make another post about my NY trip, but here are two finishes.

I did a major happy dance when I completed my dear Jane quilt I call Scrappy Jane.  Hey, that officially makes me a Janiac! The fabrics are only used once per block or triangle; no repeating once the unit was completed.  I enjoyed the process of making the blocks and triangles, having fun with the challenging piecing.  What I did not like was binding the darn thing!  I'm glad it's done and I'm so happy that it does have scallops.  My next scallop quilt will most definitely be smaller. I started out hand quiting, then took it to a local church group to do some hand quilting; it still needs more quilting in the triangles but for now, I'm putting it aside.  Oh yeah, it won 2nd place in the quilt show in Bed Size Quilts category.

Here is another finish, cathedral stars, but I named mine Crystal Stars.  I didn't think I'd ever get through making all the units. Another one I'm glad to get off my to do list.

I have some other quilts I've completed but don't have photos of yet.  Let's see, two baby quilts, a quilt I made for a family member and at two more. So, don't go away too long as I promise to be back soon with more eye candy.

I noticed that while I was gone that I now have 100 followers.  If you are a follower and leave a message, I'll enter you into a drawing.  I have been cutting my batik quarter yards into strips.  I'm sending  15 batik strips 2.5" wide to the lucky winner.  You have until Sunday at 8:00 p.m. to enter.

Have a great day everybody!

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Monday, September 12, 2011

Design Wall Monday

I know it's been a while.  I still have a lot of things on my personal schedule with line dancing and providing quilt lectures and workshops.  I'm sorry to report that I haven't had time to work on the 100 blocks in months now. 

I was on the Tim Ezell Show on KTVI as a representative of my line dancing group's work with the Gateway Classic. We taught Tim how to do the Wobble Dance.

Here is my actual design wall with 2 of my 3 current projects.

And this is my other current project.  I'm also preparing for our guild's quilt show the end of the month so the DJ quilt must get the dreaded scalloped border.  It's been sitting for many, many months, almost a year with no work.  The show is definitely my motivation.  By the way, I hate scallop borders!  Maybe because the quilt it so big for my first scalloped border project.  Definitely because I don't really know if I'm doing it right.  I'm using a combination of instructions provided from various sources.  I wish I could have done the faced border but was afraid it would have been very difficult to line up the scallops directly around the triangles.  I have almost 2 borders completed.  I'll post a full photo when it's finished.

Here are the results from one workshop I gave; many different ways to make scrappy stars.


Monday, July 11, 2011

Design Wall Monday

I'm so busy that I can't seem to post on a weekly basis.  I did a little sewing this weekend, making one of the 100 blocks (temporarily in the center of the quilt).  I'll post information about it when I make a few more as it not actually sewn into the quilt. The quilt in progress is for my cousin.  I've added 2 borders.  I think I'm going to add another border with the black/white print to make it twin-size.

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Monday, June 27, 2011

Design Wall Monday

We had scrap club meeting last Saturday and I worked on the project, Peaches and Creams, but in a scrappy version.  This pattern can be found by clicking on the link or by visiting Judy's site, www.patchworktimes.  I have a cousin who wants his quilt to have a lot of color so I made mine scrappy.

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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Free Patterns from Accuquilt!

Accuquilt has 22 free patterns.  Sign up for their website by clicking the photo like this on the right side bar.  For doing so,  you'll have access to download 22 patterns, free of  charge!

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Monday, June 20, 2011

Design Wall Monday

I had technical difficulties last week and comments posted last week I wasn't able to respond to.  I appreciate your comments and read them all!

This week I'm showing the finished top I showed last week; it look completely different.  This quilt started talking to me.  I didn't know what is was until it tapped me on my shoulder.  It didn't want the traditional setting with straight blocks with plain sashing.  It wanted just a little more so I gave in.  The top stopped talking as this point, after making a final statement, "black binding would be a nice finish."  That was I plan after it's quilted.

I worked on Quiltmaker's 100 blocks this week as well, making a post yesterday.  Here is a picture of the blocks I made and to see the full post, go here.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Quiltmakers 100 Blocks: Blocks 55-59

I've been very busy lately, so busy in fact that I haven't made any blocks in over a month!  I'm playing catch up again.  I need 12 blocks to be on schedule so I got busy yesterday.  Here of 5 of them.

Block 55 - Delectable Grapes
Block #110 on page 26
Marian Mapes
46 pieces

This one will be a mini wall hanging for my kitchen.  I decided not to stitch around the appliques at this point but rather during quilting.

Block 56 - Mount Vernon Steps
#195 on page 69
Maria Umhey
Cheerful Quilts
20 pieces

This one is my favorite block in this batch as I'm partial to log cabin quilts, especially those with 1" finished strips.  Sure wish I had time to make this in full size but I already have a log cabin started from a year or two ago that's not finished.

Block 57 - Ripples
#191 on page 67
Laura Stone Roberts
Assistant Editor, McCalls Quilting
96 pieces

Whew! I was so glad to get this one pieced.  I didn't follow the directions, making two "section 2" units instead of one.  What was wonderful in my error is that the same pieces are used in section 2 and section 3 so I just had to frog stitch, you know, "ribbit".

Block 58 - Tapestry
#182 on page 62
Rebecca LoGiudice
Willow Hill Quilts
41 pieces

Again, not paying attention I had to "ribbit" and it took a little longer than necessary.  I guess I need to bet my groove back.  Nice block that one day I'll make in scraps.  This time I used a fun black and white print for the background.

Block 59 - Focal Point
#180 on page 61
Doug Leko
Antler Quilt Design
53 pieces

I was so excited that this block went together correctly the first time out! LOL This is a quick block to make with dramatic effect.  Try it.

I have a busy week planned as I have a Sampler Quilts lecture on Wednesday.  Along with my regular scheduled activities, I don't see much sewing in my future.  And, I just remembered I need to send something to the Scrap Quilting Club regarding this week's project.  Gotta go!.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Design Wall Monday

It's been a while, but here is a quick post of my design wall. It a project for the scrap quilting club.

to see more design walls, visit
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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Retreat Pictures

I haven't forgotten my blog and my friends.  I've just been extremely busy with working, family, and trips.  My job keeps changing daily with new boss, new support staff (as 3 has retired in the last 9 months and 2 were laid off), and I now supervise three employees. 

I've also had two trips, one a quilting retreat and a family reunion.  I'm posting the retreat pictures from May 20-22 at Whistling Meadows Retreat Center in Greenville, IL.  We had so much fun.  You've got to view this video of the quilt police showing up at our meeting.  It was unexpected so I missed recording at the beginning.  We are definitely a rowdy bunch!

So what did I work on at retreat?  I started working on my Shakespeare in the Park and got almost half of the rows pieced.  Then, I realized that I left a set of setting blocks at home and had to put it away and work on something else.  I was disappointed as I really need a large workspace to finish this quilt.

 So, I started working on a Scrap Quilting Club project from a few months ago.  I have a few more blocks done than what's showing.  Have a few more to go.

Our group project was the Jellyroll Sewing Race.  The quickest anyone could make this quilt was 1 hour 45 minutes.  So, the quilter who completed this in 30 minutes is definitely a sweatshop worker. LOL  We had so much fun.  I made two of them at retreat.  This is my first one.

And, here is my second one made from a scrap bag I purchased at Hancocks of Paducah during the quilt show.  I joined the strips with a diagonal seam.  I've come to the conclusion these will make excellent quilts for my family members (about 10) that are still on my list.

Here are the other quilts made.  They all have their own personality depending upon fabrics used, scraps or from a collection.  These are our charity quilts for 2011.

 Debra won the race and received $15 gift to local quilt shop.

Here is a photo of the challenge quilts to make any quilt, any size that was dimension with fabric, not just embellishments.  I did not make a challenge project as my life is too hectic at the moment.

We also made cd holders for our cars but I don't have pictures of them.  In the next post I'll post that along with two other quilts I gave away at the family reunion.


Saturday, May 14, 2011

Quiltmaker's 100 Blocks: Blocks 53 and 54

I'm going to have a hectic next three weeks and am not sure if I will be able to keep up with the blocks.  I'm really thrilled that I got this week's blocks completed.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I can find a few minutes to work on the blocks.  Here are the two for this week.

Block 53 - Bird's Eye View
#108 on page 25
by Dawn Heese
13 pieces

Instead of needle turn, I used fusible web and have a reverse block.

Block 54 - Porch Swing
#197 on page 70
by Cyndi Walker
Stitch Studios
56 pieces

I'm not sure what I was thinking.  I didn't use enough contrasting fabrics to make this block but it's completed and included in the count.