Monday, September 12, 2011

Design Wall Monday

I know it's been a while.  I still have a lot of things on my personal schedule with line dancing and providing quilt lectures and workshops.  I'm sorry to report that I haven't had time to work on the 100 blocks in months now. 

I was on the Tim Ezell Show on KTVI as a representative of my line dancing group's work with the Gateway Classic. We taught Tim how to do the Wobble Dance.

Here is my actual design wall with 2 of my 3 current projects.

And this is my other current project.  I'm also preparing for our guild's quilt show the end of the month so the DJ quilt must get the dreaded scalloped border.  It's been sitting for many, many months, almost a year with no work.  The show is definitely my motivation.  By the way, I hate scallop borders!  Maybe because the quilt it so big for my first scalloped border project.  Definitely because I don't really know if I'm doing it right.  I'm using a combination of instructions provided from various sources.  I wish I could have done the faced border but was afraid it would have been very difficult to line up the scallops directly around the triangles.  I have almost 2 borders completed.  I'll post a full photo when it's finished.

Here are the results from one workshop I gave; many different ways to make scrappy stars.



  1. Oh how I've missed you! I'm glad you stopped in for a bit!! :) As usual your projects are fabulous. Your DJ is stunning! And your tv appearance made me smile! How much fun you all are having.

  2. Hey----add "wobble" champ to your list of accomplishments!!!!!

  3. Happy to "see" you on design wall today! Glad you are having so much fun!

  4. Have also missed "seeing" you. The scrappy stars are always fun to look at. One day I'll make another. For the record I LOVE scalloped borders (both making and viewing).

  5. The secret to binding scalloped borders is to cut the binding on the bias (of course) but to use a single-fold binding. That is, cut a 1 1/4" strip rather than a 2 1/2" strip that you double before you sew it on the quilt. The single layer makes scallops SO much easier!

  6. I LOVE IT!!!!! You just taught me how to wobble!!!! I am going to pass a link to your site along to my mom and sister, that way I won't have to dance alone :)


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