Monday, January 21, 2013

Design Wall Monday 1/21/13

I'm back home from a line dancing in Cleveland, Ohio.  The theme was Jamaica   This is a photo me dancing at the workshop. I'm in the front row, left grey t-shirt with Bob Marley on it.

Here is my and my daughter at the evening main event. I wore a sarong in Jamaica colors.

I knew I wouldn't have much time to sew, but didn't want to miss an opportunity to sew some units I had already cut with my die cutter.These tumblers have been sitting for at least a year so I packed them up.  I have a stack of tumblers sewed into 4's and another stack sewed into 2's.  I have to decide how large I want this one to be.

Before leaving home, I cut 24 blocks using the Take 5 die and some polka dot fabrics I won in October. I used 8 of the 9 fabrics and cut three blocks from each color. Mixed them up as I sewed.  Not all blocks are shown here as I ran out of design wall.

I realized I worked on my trees but no photo is on the camera.  I'll show it some other time.  To see more design walls, visit Patchwork Times.

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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

A Couple of Tops

This colorful quilt top was made with my Take 5 die. It's designed to use five fabrics like the patterns dictate, but I used 9 FQs for mine. I plan to give this one away as a baby quilt. I know someone having twins and this is perfect for the boy. I made a teddy bear quilt top a while back and that one will be for the girl. I plan to quilt them next week while attending a quilt retreat.

Here is the finished windmill quilt top made with the chisel and HST dies from Accuquilt.  I hope to get a tutorial of the supplies used for this top soon.

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Monday, January 14, 2013

Design Wall Monday 1/14/2013

I've had a very busy week again, not all of it being filled with quilting.  This was also the longest week at work. After the shortened weeks because of the Christmas holidays, working a full week was torture.

Quilt related, I spent a bit of time preparing for the Scrap Quilting Club meeting we had on Saturday.  I am still working on testing/using my Accuquilt dies for the GO! and Studio cutters.  I cut a lot of test fabrics and sewed a few test blocks and units.

First up is my windmill quilt top made with the chisel and HST die.  I'm working on units for the border (see next photo). I wanted to make each windmill block from a different fabric. I already had most of them cut from a previous scrap busting session. I only need to cut three additional fabrics to make the blocks along with the background triangles.

While I was piecing the windmill blocks I chain pieced on the Take 5 die units and have 4 of the 9 blocks sewn together. I got side tracked and made the block in the center with the black & white square in the middle. I made this block 6" finished and cut down the width of two different chisels to 2.5", got another chisel to cut it into a square and HST from each fabric and made this block. Don't ask my why. I could have easily made 9" finished blocks and wouldn't have had to cut down the chisels.  I'm still sewing chisels to use in the border for the windmill quilt but couldn't resist making a block on my design wall first.  I actually have one side border on  the quilt top. I still need to make about 40 more border units to finish. I've given up using only one fabric in the border as I wanted to use up the chisels already cut so I will have repeats in the border.

By the way, anyone want to come take my Christmas tree down so I can continue sewing. LOL To see more design walls, visit Patchwork Times.
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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Scrap Quilting Club

Due to the quilt guild having retreat during our regularly scheduled date, the scrap quilting club met on Saturday.  We had a few new members and a lot of quilters return for their 4th year!  I can't believe we've been having the club since 2010.

This month the project is Simply Woven which isn't due until next month's meeting.  However, I had my top completed so I could have a sample.  I only required the group to make 20 blocks instead of 48 in the event they only had one jelly roll instead of the two that are required in the pattern.

This one is my quilt top with the minimum requirement of 20 blocks.

Connie, being the group's overachiever completed the quilt top with two jelly rolls and have it basted ready for quilting!

Carol has the completed modified top from 2012 yearlong project. Way to go Carol!

LeeEtta has the Rouge Rive Log Cabin quilt made from a UFO kit.  This quilt top has already aged... LOL

LeeEtta has been busy. She was working on Bonnie's Easy Street Mystery during the meeting.

Drew is working on the string triangles quilt. I love what she is doing with this one.

Norma shared her embroidered tote she made using the features on her new Bernina embroidery/sewing machine.

That's it this month, but come back in February for more simply woven quilts (when they are actually due). Until then, keep quilting!

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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Playing With Accuquilt Studio and GO! Dies

I've been doing a little playing with my dies I recently purchased.  I tend to leave them in the packages and then the one year warranty will usually expire before I've even opened the package.  Since I've purchased over 25 dies within the last month I decided I should test them out!  I'm trying to build my library so that I can cut just about everything on the Studio or GO! cutters.

Of course I needed some square dies. I ordered the multi-squares for 1.5" and 2.5" cut sizes. The 2.5" squares and shown. I cut these with the GO! die on the studio cutter.  It's a sliver shy of being 2.5" but I can work with that. I also have 3", 6" and 8" finished sizes.

If you need squares, then you also need strips.  I order the multi-strip die created by Ebony. It has 1.5", 2.0" and 2.5" strips across the blade in rotating order. I'm going to love this one when I need to build my strip collection. Most times, I need 2.5" and 1.5" strips so having them on one die in that order is very beneficial.

I also ordered multi 2.0" finished HSTs.  I love cutting and piecing HSTs without paper piecing or the need to square them up. I did note a little bit shy of 2.5" unfinished but again, I can definitely work with this.  The same comments for the 4", 4.5" and 8" finished HSTs. At the rate I'm going, I'll never have to worry about squaring up another HST! I already have in my collection ability to cut 1", 3" and 6" finished HSTs

 This 8.5" I probably need to use a paper layer on top as I only cut 2 layers of fabric so that could be why this one is way off!

I'm getting around to my favorite dies. First up is the alphabet die. I had some scraps that already had fusible on the back so I got to play a little.  Got to remember to turn the fabric face down so my letters are not backwards (see the B, E, M and one or two more probably.)

Then I got to the signature center strip die.  I don't want to sew those tedious squares on the corner, trim and flip ever again.  I made a few blocks, using my 3.5" cut HSTs die. They are just shy of the size they should be. Maybe I need to check my 1/4" seam you think?  I did use a different sewing machine than the one I usually piece with. These should finish 4.5" so I'm a little short.  I love that I will not have to sew these the loooong way again, but I wish they finished 3".

My most favorite die is the Take 5 die!  I cut 9 FQS to make a baby quilt.  I see so many possibilities with this die.  I rearranged the stacks right on  top of the die so that no two fabrics matched.  Usually this quilt is made with five fabrics but you know scrap quilters will not conform to that notion!  I will create all kinds of quilts with this die.

 Here is the top block pieced. I didn't want to stop sewing it, but I'm working on another project. It should finish 12".

If you have any questions about these dies, shoot me an email and I'll try to help or check it out.

One thing I stumbled into today is that Ebony Love of Love Bug Studios has a equivalent die cutting chart to tell what dies to use to cut various shapes.  Click HERE for more information.  This is just awesome.  Now cutting for a lot of quilt projects just got easier.

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Monday, January 7, 2013

Design Wall Monday

I'm late posting today as last evening I got a message that my 221 GB hard drive had no room to download my photos and videos.  Lucky for me, I have an external hard drive that I back up to. So, after searching for an hour or so for the "special" connection cord, I try to plug it into the devise and it will not stay in.  After investigating, including opening the drive up, I see that the connector on the motherboard has broken off.  Now, I'm always one to see the positive side of any situation.  All I could think is that I'm so glad the hard drive hasn't crashed! So after I post this blog, I'm installing the new software for my NEW external hard drive and backing up this puppy tonight.

I'm still way too busy but it's all fun too. My family also had a New Year's Day celebration too. It was scheduled for just a few hours but we started socializing and playing dominoes and before you know it, many hours had passed.  I also attended two line dance parties, one I coordinate and another as an attendee.

On Saturday it was my turn to host my quilt guild in my home, including providing lunch. I managed to sew though all this craziness.  I finished the 12th block in the Accuquilt angle play BOM (sorry, no photo). Did you know you can download 22 free patterns from Accuquilt by joining their e-mail list?  Click HERE for the link. The patterns are easily convertible for none GO! and/or Studio Users.

In addition, I made more tree blocks; I now have 45 trees and only 5 more to go for a total of 50.  I got a little bored and embellished a few of them in week 6. I'm way ahead of schedule here as the 50 trees are not due until April 2013.

I have been using my Studio die cutter a lot. I love it so... :0) I made these windmill blocks and have a video and tutorial I will upload when I get a chance to edit the video files.

Thanks for stopping by and to see more design walls, visit Patchwork Times.

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