Tuesday, January 15, 2013

A Couple of Tops

This colorful quilt top was made with my Take 5 die. It's designed to use five fabrics like the patterns dictate, but I used 9 FQs for mine. I plan to give this one away as a baby quilt. I know someone having twins and this is perfect for the boy. I made a teddy bear quilt top a while back and that one will be for the girl. I plan to quilt them next week while attending a quilt retreat.

Here is the finished windmill quilt top made with the chisel and HST dies from Accuquilt.  I hope to get a tutorial of the supplies used for this top soon.

-------------------------- Type-u-later, http://www.teaquilts.com


  1. That windmill quilt is gorgeous! I'm really starting to think I need the chisel die.

  2. Tea, is the Take Five Die for the Studio?

  3. Both quilts are great. My favorite is the windmill quilt!!

  4. Lovely quilts ! I am drawn to the windmill quilt. I think that it is so adorable. Very nice job


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