Monday, July 30, 2012

Scrap Quilting Club

I had scrap quilting club meeting in June and didn't get a chance to post the photos.  Here is a recap of  the projects we are working on that the participants brought for show and tell.

Connie's scrappy tote that was a challenge due in May (I wasn't available to photo at the challenge).  I love that she used concentrated scraps.
 Connie's mock log cabin blocks - was assigned in June, due in July and she already had her's completed.
 Cynthia showing parts of block B of the yearlong project.
 Judy brought her completed top; I'm blocking the name of the pattern at the moment.
 Double time log cabin by Sarah.
 Boxed in quilt.
 Carol's double time log cabin; the blue background is so soothing.
 Judi holding blocks from her yearlong project.

I promise to come back with photos from July's meeting.
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Design Wall Monday and Wedding

My Rouge River Log Cabins blocks are all made.  I even got to piece the center section together.  Now, I just need to add the border blocks.  I'm glad this one is getting close to being done! LOL
 I had another birthday on Saturday and my brother also got married on that day.  I had a wonderful birthday, first sewing with the scrap quilting club, attending the wedding and then visiting with family (especially those from out of town) and friends.
Me and my hubby at the wedding.

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Monday, July 23, 2012

Design Wall Monday and Retreat Update

I've received a lot of verbal comments regarding my lack of blogging.  I didn't think anyone would miss me so I appreciate the prompts to post on my blog.  I did not post last month's scrap quilting club photos and I'll do that sometime this week (if I can find the pictures).

I want to give a gigantic shout out to the Sew Sweet Quilt Shop in Brunswick, Missouri.  This was there first annual (did you see the word ANNUAL) quilt retreat.  They featured Missouri instructors this year, including artists Tula Pink, Cindy Lammon, Lyna Dagley, Carl Hentsch, Jenny Doan, and myself.  Jessica and Jeanette definitely know how to throw a party.  If I were you, I'd mark my calendar to attend this event next year as it is money well spent.  It will be an annual event the 3rd weekend in July; no excuses - start planning to attend!  If you'd like more information, send me an email and I'll tell you all about it. I didn't take very many photos as I was too busy "oohing" and "aahing" and of course teaching class and presenting a lecture.  Here are a couple of photos from the workshop.  The first one is some of the students working on the exploding star quilt and the second is the finished product of a student in Tula Pink's class.

 In the last week I made this clothes line tote bag.  It has lining and pockets inside.  I really get a kick out of making something from trash.  I wrapped strings leftover from squaring up fabrics, wrapping it around the clothes line.  I wanted the handles to be made from clothes line too but after making them, it broke my machine when sewing the double layers - I WOULDN'T DO IT IF I WERE YOU - it cost me a trip to the sewing machine repair center! I love my tote and plan to make another.
 I'm also still working on the last Rouge Rive Log Cabin blocks; these are my remaining sections to be pieced.
 Last up, same photo as in last post, but I do have the top sewn.  I'm looking for those fabric pieces that I put in a "special place" so I wouldn't lose them; well, I can't find them and it's starting to bother me as I want this project completed.

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Monday, July 2, 2012

Design Wall Monday...I made it although it's late...

I've had another busy couple of weeks.  I spent last Monday in Cedar Rapids, Iowa with Eastern Iowa Heirloom Quilters guild.  I had a wonderful time teaching the exploding star class and presenting my scrap quilts and sampler quilts lectures.  It was a long but very fulfilling day and I enjoyed everyone I met in Cedar Rapids.  I did visit two quilt shops in the Marion area before I jumped on the highway back home.  I also stopped in Hannibal, Missouri for a little quilt shopping during my break as well.

Teaching got me motivated to work on some projects as I really, really missed "hands-on sewing" these past few months.  First up is I have 99 blocks pieced for my Rouge River log cabin quilt top.  Here I have cut pieces for the last 45 blocks that I plan to make.  The original pattern calls for 192 blocks but I'm making 144.
 I posted a scrappy panel last time.  Here is the tote I told you it would turn into.  It has a side pocket for my smart phone, inside multi-pocket panel and inside zippered pocket.  The handle is cording and I really like the way it stays on my shoulder.  Had fun making this challenge tote that had to be made with scraps.
 Picture of the other side; no picture of inside as I have all my junk goodies in there.
 While in Cedar Rapids, saw this quilt pattern by Maple Island and had to come home and make a few blocks.
 While cleaning up some of my sewing supplies, I came across some strips I'd been saving for rope bowls.  I decided to start a rope tote this time.  Today I ran out of the purple fabrics so I need to search for more.  I don't have a plan so stay tuned to see how it turns out.
 My major accomplishment this week is I got back to work on my line dance t-shirt quilt.  I have the center and right panels completed.  Now I know why I procrastinated, finding other thing to do instead.  Because I didn't cut all my shirts to the same size (trying to get in as many as I could), I have a gigantic puzzle to piece.  Now, if you know me, you know it will not be boring as there was no way I could just add plan strips to get the sections to fit.  I'm having fun but it's taking a little longer than expected.  I've also misplaced some pieces that will be inserted between the rows..."where are you...."

That's it for me.  To see more design walls, visit