Thursday, January 10, 2013

Playing With Accuquilt Studio and GO! Dies

I've been doing a little playing with my dies I recently purchased.  I tend to leave them in the packages and then the one year warranty will usually expire before I've even opened the package.  Since I've purchased over 25 dies within the last month I decided I should test them out!  I'm trying to build my library so that I can cut just about everything on the Studio or GO! cutters.

Of course I needed some square dies. I ordered the multi-squares for 1.5" and 2.5" cut sizes. The 2.5" squares and shown. I cut these with the GO! die on the studio cutter.  It's a sliver shy of being 2.5" but I can work with that. I also have 3", 6" and 8" finished sizes.

If you need squares, then you also need strips.  I order the multi-strip die created by Ebony. It has 1.5", 2.0" and 2.5" strips across the blade in rotating order. I'm going to love this one when I need to build my strip collection. Most times, I need 2.5" and 1.5" strips so having them on one die in that order is very beneficial.

I also ordered multi 2.0" finished HSTs.  I love cutting and piecing HSTs without paper piecing or the need to square them up. I did note a little bit shy of 2.5" unfinished but again, I can definitely work with this.  The same comments for the 4", 4.5" and 8" finished HSTs. At the rate I'm going, I'll never have to worry about squaring up another HST! I already have in my collection ability to cut 1", 3" and 6" finished HSTs

 This 8.5" I probably need to use a paper layer on top as I only cut 2 layers of fabric so that could be why this one is way off!

I'm getting around to my favorite dies. First up is the alphabet die. I had some scraps that already had fusible on the back so I got to play a little.  Got to remember to turn the fabric face down so my letters are not backwards (see the B, E, M and one or two more probably.)

Then I got to the signature center strip die.  I don't want to sew those tedious squares on the corner, trim and flip ever again.  I made a few blocks, using my 3.5" cut HSTs die. They are just shy of the size they should be. Maybe I need to check my 1/4" seam you think?  I did use a different sewing machine than the one I usually piece with. These should finish 4.5" so I'm a little short.  I love that I will not have to sew these the loooong way again, but I wish they finished 3".

My most favorite die is the Take 5 die!  I cut 9 FQS to make a baby quilt.  I see so many possibilities with this die.  I rearranged the stacks right on  top of the die so that no two fabrics matched.  Usually this quilt is made with five fabrics but you know scrap quilters will not conform to that notion!  I will create all kinds of quilts with this die.

 Here is the top block pieced. I didn't want to stop sewing it, but I'm working on another project. It should finish 12".

If you have any questions about these dies, shoot me an email and I'll try to help or check it out.

One thing I stumbled into today is that Ebony Love of Love Bug Studios has a equivalent die cutting chart to tell what dies to use to cut various shapes.  Click HERE for more information.  This is just awesome.  Now cutting for a lot of quilt projects just got easier.

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  1. 25 dies in the last fun! I only have 5 dies but love them.


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