Monday, December 19, 2011

Design Wall Monday

I'm back with another design wall Monday.  Yeah!  I still haven't taken a photo of a completed quilt.  Maybe I'll take it to work this week to get that done.  However, I did make the remainder of my drunkard's path blocks and have the quilt top completed.  Now I need to add a few borders.  This pattern is from JayBirdQuilts. Mine is a little different as I added setting triangles all around and of course the borders I'll add at some point.

I finally decided to make a few Christmas gifts.  I made Wonder Wallets by about three or four years ago for friends and family.  Last year they started asking for replacements but I didn't get around to making them.  This weekend I made twenty.  They went really fast and would have been faster if  I'd made them all from the same fabric.  I had to constantly change threads to match the wallet and/or Velcro colors. Maybe I'll make a few more if I get a chance.
That's it for me.  To see more, visit Patchwork Times.
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  1. What a clever way to set Drunkard's Path blocks!

  2. Beautiful but wow, all those curves.

  3. Wonder Wallets--cute!! But 20?!! You are a very good friend indeed. Love your unusual treatment of the Drunkard's Path block too!

  4. Your Drunkard's Path quilt is wonderful. I would never have thought of using them that way but it is beautiful.

  5. your wallets look like fun to make...I should look for the pattern!


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