Sunday, June 19, 2011

Quiltmakers 100 Blocks: Blocks 55-59

I've been very busy lately, so busy in fact that I haven't made any blocks in over a month!  I'm playing catch up again.  I need 12 blocks to be on schedule so I got busy yesterday.  Here of 5 of them.

Block 55 - Delectable Grapes
Block #110 on page 26
Marian Mapes
46 pieces

This one will be a mini wall hanging for my kitchen.  I decided not to stitch around the appliques at this point but rather during quilting.

Block 56 - Mount Vernon Steps
#195 on page 69
Maria Umhey
Cheerful Quilts
20 pieces

This one is my favorite block in this batch as I'm partial to log cabin quilts, especially those with 1" finished strips.  Sure wish I had time to make this in full size but I already have a log cabin started from a year or two ago that's not finished.

Block 57 - Ripples
#191 on page 67
Laura Stone Roberts
Assistant Editor, McCalls Quilting
96 pieces

Whew! I was so glad to get this one pieced.  I didn't follow the directions, making two "section 2" units instead of one.  What was wonderful in my error is that the same pieces are used in section 2 and section 3 so I just had to frog stitch, you know, "ribbit".

Block 58 - Tapestry
#182 on page 62
Rebecca LoGiudice
Willow Hill Quilts
41 pieces

Again, not paying attention I had to "ribbit" and it took a little longer than necessary.  I guess I need to bet my groove back.  Nice block that one day I'll make in scraps.  This time I used a fun black and white print for the background.

Block 59 - Focal Point
#180 on page 61
Doug Leko
Antler Quilt Design
53 pieces

I was so excited that this block went together correctly the first time out! LOL This is a quick block to make with dramatic effect.  Try it.

I have a busy week planned as I have a Sampler Quilts lecture on Wednesday.  Along with my regular scheduled activities, I don't see much sewing in my future.  And, I just remembered I need to send something to the Scrap Quilting Club regarding this week's project.  Gotta go!.


  1. What a nice group of blocks again. Love the red, black and white one especially.

  2. You really got busy..... good for you. I just finished putting together my Outhouses quilt top. The Friday Night Sew-In group helped pressure me into that ...... LO
    Have a great week!!!


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