Sunday, March 28, 2010

Fantasy Flowers Round Robin

This quilt started as a round robon on Teas Snowman Swap Group which is now closed.  As I planned for the group to close we decided to have one last round robin before ending.
I pieced the center on June 24, 2008.  The center flowers were stitched on my embroidery machine and uses Angelia fibers as part of the stitchout much like an applique.  I then added the border frame.  Since the center could be up to 20" at start, I then set the entire block on point with 9-patch triangle corners.

The Scrappy Tulip Border was made by Debbie Spillman in North Carolina on August 2008.  I appreciated that she kept to the scrappy flower theme I'd started.  The tulip buds are 3-D.

Then in September 2008, Pamela Heggie in Michigan added the Pinwheels and Scrappy Strips border.  Pamela also used scrap fabrics of which most of them have flowers or floliage.

The quilt returned to Missouri and Sarah Carr-Jordan added the Scrappy Pieced Tulip border.  Again, the scrap and flower theme stood front and center.

The quilters did such a terrific job that I didn't need to add another thing to the top.  I machine quilted it and then added a scrappy floral binding.

Here is a picture of the label on the back.  Goodness, it's a big one!
Tea in MO

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  1. its just perfect
    I love all the borders added! this quilt will always have wonderful memories for you, isn't that wonderful!


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