Saturday, January 22, 2011

Scrap Quilting Club

I had a very exciting day as the scrap quilting club met.  We are starting out on an easy project.  We have some neat stash buster projects planned and another year long project.  As I did last year, I'll post photos as we work and you'll get to see the quilts as we go.  We mostly work on projects that are free online.  However, this year we are working on two patterns that the participants must purchase.  Stay tuned for some great quilts from the club members.

Today we worked "Awesome Lap Quilt", a free pattern from Moda Bake Shop.  I chose an easy quilt to start us off for the year.  You just need one jelly roll and you're off and running.

Here is my quilt top in progress made from Christmas print jelly roll (although it doesn't scream holiday.)  Notice that the edges do not match.  This is part of the design and the quilt top is squared after sewing all rows together.  I think I will square the rows in sets of  three so I don't have to square the entire length at once.  I also added two additional rows and plan to add 2 borders to make it into a twin size quilt.

It's amazing how different pattern designs look with just changing fabrics.  Jennifer chose select colors and her top is beautiful.  She sewed here entire top; just need to press and square it up.

Carol used a batik jelly roll and it's also beautiful.  It makes me think of water.

Cherie used scraps she selected from stash in particular color way.  This is one of my favorites as I love true scrap quilts and using stash.  I plan to remake the quilt again using my stash after I start cutting more 2.5" strips from my stash.  Cherie joined our club this year and traveled quite a distance.  Thanks for joining and we hope you enjoyed participating.  I look forward to seeing you next month!

Someone commented that they may like the quilts vertical instead of horizontal.  So, I took a picture of Cherie's quilt again.  I agree, I like this orientation better.  The rows could easily be extended to make a larger quilt.

Drew showed her African Inspired quilt top she finished.  This was one of last year's project.  I love the border print.

 Laura is working on a string quilt she started last year.  Her scraps are scrumptious!

I'll have photos of completed quilts next month, with even more colorways.  I didn't get a chance to take pictures of all the works in progress.


  1. love that first quilt you show and the last quilt you show! beautiful - I enjoying seeing things made out of scraps - it so inspires me to use more of mine.

  2. You gals sure have fun and get a lot of sewing done. Love the Show and Tell!

  3. I've been wondering what to do with my overflowing drawer of 2 1/2 inch scrap strips, and this just might be it.


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