Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Quiltmaker's 100 Blocks: Blocks 17 and 18

I'm so excited this week to publish my blocks.  I have lots of information to share in this post.
I now have a list on my blog titled "Quiltmaker's 100 Blocks Blog Roll" for short cuts to posts on the participants sites.  If you have labeled your posts with 100 blocks, it should pull up all your blocks.  Please check your link to make sure it's working properly.

Magazine or book?  That's the question.  I have been using my magazine a lot and it was starting to show signs of wear.  To prevent the magazine from shredding to pieces, two weeks ago I took mine apart and now I have this neat binder.  It's recycled from the days when I worked on my Dear Jane quilt blocks and was waiting there for me with sheet protectors ready to be filled.

Here is the front page of my binder.  The yellow paper has the pattern numbers I'm working on for the month.  I scratch through them as I make the blocks.  What's not showing is my spreadsheet to keep me on track so I do not make duplicate blocks.  At the bottom of each pattern page I also write the date I made the block and total number of fabric pieces required.

For blocks I haven't made yet, if I have any of the templates cut or fusible web drawn, I'll add those in the pockets with the appropriate blocks.  I travel with this book, fusible web and freezer paper.  If I get a chance, I'll trace pieces I need from the pattern sheets.  This is done in no particular order as I plan to make all the blocks anyway.

After I use the templates, I'll store them in the "templates" pocket.  The pocket is a pocket file folder I cut down to fit (I made the pocket fit the magazine back cover).  I also store the original pattern sheets, each one in a separate page protector, making them easier to get to when I want to start working on new blocks.

Now for the information on the blocks made this week:
Block 17
Snowman Farm
Block 103 on Page 23
June Dudley, Editor in Chief
5 pieces

I haven't made snowflake type paper patterns in a long time and it was fun to go back down memory lane.  This block while very dramatic for such a simple design took me quite a while to make.  Since I didn't use batiks, I decided to satin stitch the edges and all the turning required to stitch was time consuming.  I love my little snowman block and its now resting in the block section of Quiltmaker's calendar holder.   Make a calendar holder for yourself; you will enjoy it.

18 - No ordinary Flake
Block #140 on Page 41
Susan Marth
Suzn Quilts
17 pieces

This block was very quick to make and I had fun making it.  I used blues for my background so that this block could be used with three other blocks in a wall hanging.  I used a medium blue rayon thread for my button hole stitch.



  1. What a great idea for a storage book!

  2. You are doing such a great job on these blocks-they look terrific and the book is a really good idea to keep things together and organized.

  3. I've thought to do that several times and have put it off but after working on blocks today, I think that is a good weekend project. Thanks for the push! I don't think mine will be as fancy as yours though. :)
    Your blocks turned out great.

  4. I love the 100 blocks and am loving watching you do them. I just can't take on one more project so am going to enjoy them vicariously through you.


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