Sunday, January 23, 2011

Quiltmaker's 100 Blocks: Blocks 21 and 22

This week's blocks will go rather quickly, especially if you omit the hand embroidery.

21 - Sweet Dreams
Block 132 on page 37
Tricia Cribbs
13 pieces (mine = 17 pieces)

I decided I wasn't going to hand embroider this block as I didn't know what to do with the design used in the magazine.  I thought I'd have my preferred embroidery machine back from the shop but that didn't happen either.  So, I went through my "test" blocks and picked this butterfly embroidery.  Of course it wasn't large enough to fit in the center so I had add a frame.

22 - Shifting Star
Block 186 on page 64
Scott Murkin
Patchwork Possibilities
20 pieces

I'll state the obvious, my star is twisting in the opposite direction.  Since I had a friend over last weekend, I've been machine quilting in the dining room and cutting in the kitchen.  So, when I started sewing the block in my studio, the instructions were in the kitchen.  I could see how the pieces match up so I just sewed it together.  When it was completed, I realized mine twist the other direction and I can live with that.  I changed how I made the flying geese units as I didn't want to have the leftover HSTs I would get if piecing according to the magazine's instructions.  Instead, I cut 1 purple square 7-1/4" and cut 2 each of two different fabrics into 3-7/8" squares.  If you don't know how to sew this together, let me know and I'll find a link online somewhere.

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Now I'm off to go mattress shopping with my daughter... No resting going on ove here!


  1. Your blocks look really good. That's part of what I'll be doing tomorrow. I've had that reversing the direction of points thing happen to me, as well, with the same reaction. If it looks good, leave it. I'm probably going to use a focus fabric of some sort, rather than the embroidery on that block. Either that, or try out some permanent fabric markers.

  2. I've also decided not to do the hand embroidery and I'm going to fussy cut a fun center for mine. Can you believe we hare 20+ blocks already!


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