Monday, January 31, 2011

Design Wall Monday

I had a very busy week last week but didn't necessarily get to work on the projects I would have liked to work on.  I organized a co-workers retirement party that happened today so my weekend was spent shopping and cooking.  I did pin baste two quilts as work by reporting to work early to use the conference room floor.

My friend called and said it was time to get my crystal stars off of her long arm.  We figured out a way to work with the nesting without using the software feature.  It now needs to be trimmed, binding made and applied.

One of my quilt guilds met on Saturday and I took this this fabric to cut a new project for a family member.  I didn't get much done as I couldn't stay very long but did sketch out a plan for the quilt.

I picked up my embroidery machine from the shop.  After an extensive cleaning and replacement of three parts, the machine is in top running condition.  I cut a few hearts on my GO! cutter and used the embroidery machine to stitch around them.  I cut a few hearts as I'd planned to make a heart quilt but machine was not ready to do that when I was ready.  So, this one will be put away for now.

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  1. nice scrappy quilts - the look I love! You can never have too much color in a quilt :)


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