Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Quiltmaker's 100 Blocks: Blocks 9 and 10

This must not be my week to work on the blocks.  I did more ripping on these two blocks than I would have on an entire quilt.  Nothing wrong with the instructions; just my head that's muzzled with sinus infection AGAIN and it's becoming irritating.

9 - Pinwheel O'Strings
Block #123 on page 33
Rachel Griffith
P.S. I Quilt
40 pieces

This was a fun block to make, especially since I used Jamie's technique on her tutorial.  It was great not having to tear away a lot of paper.  Actually, I picked this block so that I could try this technique before making my next string quilt.  Thanks Jamie!  I had to rip one quadrant and resew strings together as I cut the block too small. Gee, this took way longer than necessary.  I do like this block with the half inch finished strings, has so much character.

10 - Tile Works
Block #162 on page 52
Monique Dillard
Open Gate
49 pieces (although mine has 45 pieces)

I have 45 pieces because I made 4 rectangles to replace the HST/square units that were cut in the same fabric.  Excellent block and it would go together very well if you make sure you cut the pieces the right size as I apparently didn't because two of my geese were too big and I thought I cut the exact same sizes for the pieces.  Again, must be sinus brain because it's definitely my error.

I put my blocks on my design wall and took a picture.  They are so cute.  My local quilt shops do not have any more of this fabric line in stock.  So I shopped online with http://www.quiltshops.com/ and found a few shops that had the fabric line.  I was able to see all the stores with the fabric line in stock and I was able to check their prices so I comparison shopped as well.  I LOVE this site when I'm in need to a specific fabric line.  It has the best search engine; just my opinion.  Any way, here are 9 of my 10 blocks.  I'm trying to decide if the first quilt will have 12, 15 or 16 blocks.

Check the following blogs to see their blocks.  They look so different because of the fabrics used.
JUDY     CATHY     SARAH    
NORMA (no blog yet - as of yesterday she'd made 7 blocks)
Kathy, Karen, Debra, and Cynthia will be joining in the fun sometime in January


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  1. Oh my, but they look so good. I got 2 blocks done today, as well as the NPP, since I was using the blocks as leaders and enders. Pics tomorrow, or at this point, I guess it would be later today. It's nice that there are more people coming in to play. Makes it more fun.


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