Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Quiltmaker's 100 Blocks: Blocks 13 and 14

Well, I cleaned my room enough to make these two blocks.  Hey, I was having sewing withdrawal.

13- Nouveau Riche
Block #181 on page 62
Toby Lischko
Gateway Quilts & Stuff
12 pieces

I have a quilt top made in the traditional setting for this block.  So, instead of using assorted fabrics for each piece, I chose 3 fabrics to make this block with.  I also changed the orientation of the left half of the block.  I think they look like flower vases and didn't want to turn it upside down.  I love this block and it was really easy to sew.

14 - Flutter
Block #199 on page 71
Patty Young
13 pieces

This was an easy block that was also fun to make.  It was just perfect to make during the holiday season.  I love that you can fussy cut the center square to add interest.

Please visit Judy D and Cathy's site to see their blocks too.  They are doing an excellent job keeping up with the schedule, completing the blocks the same week as me; instead of the following week.



  1. Oh, I love this fabric! Yum!!1

  2. Mary L is right, this fabric is yummy! I'm having so much fun with these blocks. I've been picking fabrics from stash and putting them into the 100 blocks bin of fabric. :)


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