Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Quiltmaker 100 Blocks Project in Progress

I've decided to make my first twin size quilt with twelve blocks. The 13th block that's only half shown in this photo is so neat that I plan to make an entire quilt with this one using scrap squares.  To set these 12 blocks I ordered three fabrics from the Frolic collection. The stripe fabric in the sashing I cut on the bias as the stripe was printed on the straight of grain. I added unbleached muslin I had in my stash to separate the stripe from the blocks. I didn't want to put a plain sashing on the quilt since the blocks are so busy (sounds crazy doesn't it?). I felt plain sashing would actually detract from the purpose of the quilt blocks - to make a quilt out of my normal comfort zone as far as fabrics are concerned.  These are by far the busiest blocks I have ever made so I keep up the theme with busy sashing.  The chocolate brown kind of tones it down a bit.
Look at the sashing in the second row on the far right.  I tried piecing the bias strips but this is how it looked when it was pieced.  It was too distracting so that one will be replaced.  I still need to piece more sashings and cut more squares to go around the perimeter.  It sure feels good to start making something with the blocks.
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  1. LOVE THE SASHING!!! I think if you miter the seams when you piece the sashing instead of sewing straight seams nobody will notice.

  2. Oh Teajuana, it is wonderful!! It is so happy and so fun looking!!

  3. Sure do like the fabrics you are using and the sashing is brilliant!

  4. The sashing is great and ties things together. Love it!!!


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