Saturday, December 4, 2010

Many Paths All Around - Drunkard's Path Block 3

I thought I wasn't going to get the third block completed for the week!  I think I got tired of cutting the required number of shapes for each individual block.  So, I've decided to make the blocks scrappy, still using blue and orange as my color palette.  Saturday I spent some time ironing and cutting fabrics.  I now have a pile of shapes to make quite a few blocks.  Here is my block #3 in scrap format.
-------------------------- Type-u-later,


  1. I like this one...very tropical colors!!

  2. i love the colours orange and blue together. It makes me feel so warm, in the midst of snow.

  3. Love the scrapiness! Great colours.

  4. now there's a new bloc! Interesting to see the variety of DPath.


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