Sunday, February 27, 2011

Scrap Quilting Club

The scrap quilting club met yesterday and had a lot of show and tell.  So, this post has a lot of photos.  The first group of pictures are the results of last month's project, Awesome Lap Quilt from Moda Bake Shop.  Our group had problems with this pattern in that if you trimmed the edges as recommended in the pattern, you lost quit a bit of width in the quilt which also resulted in the end blocks being trimmed too much.  We had various solutions to the problem which also included doing as the pattern recommended without any changes.

The first two quilts were made by Sarah and Jennifer who trimmed the ends as recommended by the instructions.  You'll see that the end blocks are not the same size and the inner blocks.  Sarah added a scrappy sashing which kind of reduce the effect of the trimming.

Carol took her quilt top apart and decreased the size of the blocks by 1/4" and resewed back together.  That made for less trimming on the sides, not loosing the symmetry of the quilt blocks.

LeeEtta and Sue decided not to match the blocks at the seams as suggested by the instructions.  This made for less trimming on the sides as well.

Cherie and Sharon decided to make their quilts vertical and in doing so made more units to prevent trimming the blocks.  This gives the quilt a make over, especially for Sharon's who's quilt is the larges size of all those shown. 

I decided to unsew approximately 1.5" from each row end and add strips from fabric I'd plan to use for my first border.  This allowed my blocks seams to match as well as kept my blocks symmetrical.  I also noticed that I couldn't get all the units as my jelly roll was apparently not as long as those indicated in the pattern so I used more strips than indicated.  Although the quilt does live up to it's name, "Awesome Lap Quilt", is was not an "easy" quilt first quilt of the year for the club as I'd imagined.  We will have a few more quilts to show next month.

Here are other projects shared, some club projects from last year, others were not. 


We are working on the exploding star as our special project this year.  Here are portions of the quilts in progress.

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  1. You know I love your scrappy club! I love the show and tell. That yellow quilt really caught my eye! You have a great group of quilters. :)

  2. Everyone's quilts show individual creativity even though we start with the same projects and instructions! Some of us progress very slowly, but eventually will have something to show!

  3. Great eye these scrap quilts!

  4. Tea,
    You always have such interesting quilt "eye candy" on your blog! Good work from all of you. Good to know that there was some trimming problems with the quilt you tried.

    I was interested in Sharon's quilt--the one that looks like stacks going horizontally and vertically on the yellow background. Do you know the pattern name?

    My little online quilt group will be looking for some ideas for a quick sewing day in conjunction with our bday celebrations. Something like that might work if I can track it down.

  5. oops never mind, Tea. It finally came to me---staycation. It looks so different with the light colored background.

    Now if I can figure out where that thing that looks like stacked, slip slidy strips came from that I saw who knows where online, LOL


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