Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Charmed I'm Sure

My quilt guild had a charm quilt challenge this month and last Thursday was the big reveal.  There is nothing super fancy about my quilt but I didn't want to see another one on the line so I kept it a secret.  Here is my charm tumbler quilt I titled Charmed, I'm Sure.  It has 202 different fabrics including the backing and label. 

My first plan was to scatter the charms and piece how they landed.  For some reason that did not appeal to me so I went to plan B.  I decided to make frames with the tumblers (by the way cut 3.5" with my GO! cutter) by separating the light and medium/dark values.  I also had fun throwing in novelty fabrics.  I just love looking at this quilt.  It tied for 2nd place in the challenge.  NOTE: Quilt was hung upside down on the line.

Here are some other charm quilts that members made.  I forgot to write down the names of the makers.  If you are members of the guild and have correct information, please let me know.

Drew Benage
3rd place
 Doris McCall
 Debbie - tied 1st ?
Norma Silk
Tied 2nd
over 400 1.5" .5" rectangles
Judy Kooi

Connie Barnett
Tied 1st place




  1. Really like your tumbler quilt but they are all great. Love charm quilts.

  2. I cannot wait for my little tumbler die to get here tomorrow!!! I love your quilt. I love them all, they make my scrappy heart happy!

  3. Your challenge results are wonderful! I love yours. I enjoyed looking at all your different prints. Scrappy delight!


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