Sunday, February 13, 2011

Quiltmaker's 100 Blocks: Blocks 25 and 26

I'm very late with posting.  Don't quite know how I spent my week that resulted in my not getting the blocks finished during the week.  Today I completed last week's blocks, including them in this post.  Hopefully I'll get this week's blocks made by Wednesday, maybe earlier.  I'm also including the block assignment chart for this month at the end of the post.

Block 25 - Hearts Bejeweled
#104 on page 23
Susan Guzman
29 pieces

Instead of hand appliqueing this block, I used fusible web.  I just ran out of time during the week and this was much faster for a photo.  I haven't gotten around to stitching the edges down yet so it still needs some work.
Block 26 - Simple Celebration
#148 by Anita Grossman Solomon
Make It Simpler
33 pieces

I wanted to play with color on this one.  The photo is a little off, but I like not using a traditional "light" fabric that was white or off white for the background.  The pink just jumped out of my scraps.  For me, the whole purpose of making the blocks is to experiment with techniques and color.  This one is growing on me....

Here is the chart for all the blocks assigned for this month.

Enjoy working on the blocks and please visit my left side bar to see blocks made by other participants.  We are growing, growing.  I have at least one local participant who doesn't have a blog yet.  She has 20 blocks made in the oriental theme.


  1. Pretty blocks. Happy Valentine's Day

  2. I love the pink one, especially the buttons fabric in the corners. Sone of the buttons on that fabric look like smiley faces. So cute. Thanks for posting the list. Now, to get at them.

  3. OMG...the hearts bejeweled is are really knocking those blocks out.


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