Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Prize Mailed and 2nd Block Finished

All quilters need staples!  Not, the kind in a stapler, but these:
This is Mary's prize I mailed yesterday.  It includes 50 Moda Marbles charm squares in a collectible tin and charm squares of the Moda Shimmer collection.  These were some of my Paducah, KY purchases during the AQS show.  Have fun with these Mary.

I finished my second Pushin' Up Spring block (actually the 1st block in the BOM) using the back basting method.  The jury is still out as to whether or not I like this method.  It's advantages are that no templates are needed to draw out applique fabrics, the fabrics are accurately placed where you want it, and I didn't have to remove markings after block was completed.  Disadvantages, for me, were that it took longer to sew the block than with traditional applique and I felt a little lost in some areas when I needed to take out more basting stitches than normal to get an area just right.  Sometimes I felt as if I was sewing blindly, especially when I had to stitch over another applique fabric already sewn.  I've decided to do my third block in back basting method to see if I improve.  I love the technique and think I may have a way to satisfy at least one of my issues with the method.  This is not my design (copyrighting the photo only), but a BOM available from Apple Blossom Quilts; click on newsletter and sign up. 
Tea in MO


  1. looks like your meds are working!! wow!! I really want to start on this quilt..I would like to make all the backgrounds then relax and start picking the applique..what a great start!!
    Glad you are better type u later too girl!!

  2. Wow.. am I lucky or what? Can't wait to get these. Thank you so much. I felt like you when I first tried back basting, but as I got used to it, I really like it for those times I need to assure accurate placement. When placement is not as important, I go back to regular needleturn. Really like your block!


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