Friday, May 14, 2010

Half Square Triangles Tutorial Part 3

Squares Technique #1

Did you know if you only need one HST there is a quick way to make it?  From two different fabrics, cut a square ½” larger than the finished size.  For this tutorial, my squares are 3.5".  Draw a line diagonally from corner to corner on the wrong side of one fabric. TIP: Since I don't pitch the trimmed edge, I draw another line 1/2" away from center.

Place squares right sides together and sew on the drawn lines.

Cut the square between the drawn lines.

You will have two HSTs.  The one on the left is the unit you need for your project.  The other smaller one goes into my "extra blocks/units" storage.  I'll square it to a size for a project when needed.

1.  Can use pre-cut squares if you want a scrappy look.
2.  Don’t have to cut 7/8 measurement which requires more concentrated cutting.
3.  Do not have to handle bias edges
4.  No dog ears to trim after sewing.
5.  Great technique if you only need one HST.

1. Will have to draw lines down the center of all squares
2.  Leaves you with a pair of triangles that are too small to be used for current pattern although you could make scrappy HSTs for a future project. If not, you are, in effect, throwing away a little under half the fabric you bought.
3.  The tip of the square often gets eaten by the feed dogs as you are trying to feed it into the machine.

1.  Try using the Angler 2 or marking your machine to eliminate the need to draw the diagonal lines.
2.  Chain piecing of units will help eliminate some tips being eaten by the hole in the plate.
3.  Cut the starting squares larger to eliminate tips being eaten (tomorrow's post.)

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