Monday, May 31, 2010

Design Wall Monday

First, have a great Memorial Day!  I still need to see where my family is meeting today to celebrate.  I've just returned home from a quilt retreat weekend.  I have a lot to show-n-tell that will be in the next few posts.  I'll post pictures of the miniature challenge we had and show more variations of the X-Blocks group project.  In addition, I will also photo of the hidden wells quilt I finally got photographed today.

First, for DWM, I worked some more on my Cathedral Stars top.  I now have 18 of 36 star blocks completed.  I put them on the design wall at retreat to show my progress before moving on to the next project.

Then I got to work on my Venetian Tiles (now called Crown Jewels) X-Blocks first quilt top.  This one is the first I started and made only a few blocks to teach in class.  So, I buckled down and made all the blocks and got the top pieced.  Now, it needs borders.

These are the border units I'm working on for the quilt above.  This border will have accurately sized units as opposed to the quilt tops listed below. 

Then, I started work on another X-Block project that I only had one block made prior to retreat.  I got all the blocks made and pieced it into a top.  I haven't figured out borders yet.  Do you see hearts?  If not, maybe you see what my retreat girls saw, women chests?  One said she would add lace, buttons, and something else I can't recall right now due to lack of sleep.

I did not work on these at retreat, but wanted to share this top that not quilted while on the subject.  Another X-Block design just to show the differences.

Again, another X-Block quilt top I haven't quilted to show design variation.

I feel like I should be listing something else but I can't remember.  However, if you enjoyed this design wall, go over to Judy's site to see more.
Tea in MO


  1. I love the cathedral Stars. Very striking.

  2. The Cathedral Stars is stunning. Also nice variation in all the x block patterns. You got a lot done at quilt retreat.

  3. Stunning, wonderful, gorgeous!! Love the Cathedral Stars, looks so very intricate and detailed and thought provoking. Love the colors in Crown Jewels and all the x blocks quilts. I have that ruler and need to do something with it. Great work, well done!
    Thank you for sharing and have a super great day.

  4. If you're just back from retreat, you probably need to sleep!!
    Love that cathedral stars...I might be tempted to make that one day!
    I do see the hearts, but now that you mention it, the idea of turning it into a bustier quilt is fun!

  5. I have the x-blocks ruler, but haven't used it yet. You've inspired me! Love the crown jewels, and yes, I do see chests :^)

  6. Breathtaking! Love the cathedral stars

  7. The cathedral stars are just gorgeous, and the other quilt tops are lovely also.


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