Thursday, May 13, 2010

Half Square Triangles Tutorial Part 2

Bias Triangles from Strips

From two different fabrics cut a strip of fabric ½” larger than the finished size.  We are making 3" finished HSTs so strips are cut 3.5".

You will need an Omnigrid 96 ruler (or 96L depending upon size of completed half square) or Easy Angle I or II ruler.  I'm sure their are other HST rulers on the market.  Follow packaging instructions to cut your units.

Place fabric strips right sides together.  For the purposes of this demonstration, I'm using the Omnigrid 96 ruler.  Cut triangles, rotating the ruler as shown in three next photos.  Note how the tip of the ruler extends off the strips on the top.  Also, on the Omnigrid, the markings are for finished size of the HSTs.

Do not rearrange the units after cutting.  Pick them up and sew 1/4" seam putting the cut off tip end of the units under the needle, ending the seam along the tip end.  This will prevent the tip from being pushed into the hole on the plate when you start sewing the unit.

Press seam open.

1.  Faster cutting method as you are not cutting squares then cutting those in half diagonally.
2.  Fabrics are cut right sides together so once cut they are ready for sewing.
3.  Saves fabric over using most methods to make HSTs because you start with 2.5" strips as opposed to 2-7/8" strips/squares.

1.  Still working with bias edges which may stretch.
2.  Although you have eliminated one triangle dog ear, you still have one left.
3. Requires accurate 1/4" piecing for this method to be successful. Sometimes, a scant 1/4" is better.
4.  You need special ruler to cut shapes, sometimes more than one depending upon finished size needed.

1. Starch fabrics before cutting.
2. There are square techniques that will prevent handling bias edges. The first square technique will be posted in Part 3.

Let me know your thoughts if you have used this method.  I actually like this technique though I do not use it very much because I do not keep the ruler needed for cutting in my work space cutting area.  These rulers are stored at my main cutting area in another room.

Tea in MO

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  1. Hi Tea! Great tutorial and you are so right....starch is the way to go!!!!!


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