Wednesday, May 5, 2010

? New Quilt Related Item

I've been having too much fun.  I haven't sewn a lick; my interests are elsewhere.  After my road trip with my 1997 (yes, that's correct) Mercury Sable last month, I got to thinking (that's a really, really bad thing) "sure would be nice to have a SUV for road trips."  Well, Friday after work and a doctor's appointment, I just popped into my neighborhood dealer.  I plopped right into a Ford Taurus.  Oh, it's not a SUV huh?  I got a little side tracked.  To justify, it does have a super large trunk...
Boy was that nice, had all kinds of features and a nice ride.  I had a few things I didn't like, like when driving in reverse I couldn't determine the tail end of the car (even with the sensor and camera), the low front end which concerns me when it snows and speed bumps, but most importantly, the price.  This was out of my budget and the cost just ridiculous.

So I went back on Saturday and drove a Mercury Mariner.  You know, the vehicle I wanted to see in the first place.
After another talk with the finance manager, I decided this was the car for me.  I've been driving it for a couple of days and its beautiful!  I never thought I'd like driving in a vehicle that high off the ground, but I took no time adjusting to that.  I did have to upgrade to a 6 cylinder for driving performance, but other than that, the base vehicle has a great ride, nice and roomy interior, and some features already included in a package. 
Tea in MO


  1. Yay!!!! That's awesome, Tea. I love my SUV and I drove a tiny little hatchback before it. Took some getting used to, but, ahhhhhhh


  2. Very nice ride Tea! You will never want to go back to a lower ride....ever!!!
    Just think of all the sewing stuff you can pack into your new SUV! Isn't this exciting?
    Take care.


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