Monday, May 24, 2010

Design Wall Monday

This week I have been working on hand applique blocks and projects with my Scrap Quilting Club.

I have 3 blocks made for the Pushin' Up Spring BOM.  As mentioned last Monday, I made two blocks using the back basting method.  While I understand the need is necessary in certain applique designs, I will not be continuing the method with this project as placement is not as critical.  You can read my comments on this blog post.  Here are my completed blocks so far.  This is not my design (copyrighting the photo only), but a BOM available from Apple Blossom Quilts; click on newsletter and sign up.

Saturday my scrap quilting club met and we had show-n-tell on the Bento Box quilt tops.  In addition, the group's projects for the day was to make at least 50 signature blocks that will be swapped at a future guild meeting to celebrate our 25th anniversary.  For once, we are being proactive instead of reactive as the blocks are due at the August meeting.  Here are mine.  I made 100 blocks as I want people not participating in the swap to sign blocks for my quilt.

Then I gave the next assignment on the Cathedral Stars long term project.  The 305 4-patches were due this meeting so now I have assigned 100 HSTs; and if time permits, make 25 of the blocks on the left.  I'm working a few steps ahead of the group so I can provide assistance.  Here are my two blocks I sewed for demonstration and the rest of my pieces to complete all of the blocks.  The projects feels much more doable when the cut pieces becomes block units.

Hope you had a productive week too.  To seem more design walls go visit Judy.
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  1. I love your BOM blocks. There seems to be great possibility for secondary patterns in the design of the quilt....circular movement and stars in the corners.

  2. Cathedral Stars is one of my favorites of Bonnie's patterns. I love the bright green!! Again, you wear me out with all you get done in a week, especially knowing you work too.

  3. Your blocks are amazing and colorful, just love them. The Pushing Up Spring BOM looks like a sunny spring day. Just love it. Cathedral Stars is also amazing. Just love the colors. Great job, well done.

    Have a great day.

  4. Love your Pushing Up Spring blocks...and the otherss as well.

  5. Your Pushing Up Spring blocks are beautiful, and I love the others also. You have certainly been busy!

  6. Your Pushing up Spring blocks are wonderful. You have a great eye for color.


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