Monday, January 4, 2010

2009 WIPs Summary

For documentation purposes I make this post. I’ll post a few photos in the next post (hopefully later today) of some things I made this year already.

I did not document how many WIPs I started at the beginning of 2009 which is a bummer. Okay, here are my statistics:

I completed 55 projects for 31.43% of my WIPs. This includes UFOs as well as projects I started in 2009. I end the year with 120 WIPs (don’t laugh…it would have been more if I wasn’t keeping track.) Why do I have so many WIPs? I teach classes and lecture. Sometimes Most times I make samples as I feel showing and telling participants is better than just telling alone. It seems as if whenever I finish a class project (even years down the road) that lecture or class is then requested. I can’t get ahead of this process. So, I'm okay with the number of WIPs just don’t want it to get too much larger.

I started 57 projects in 2009 and of those finished 36 of them (do not include the multiple projects like the 64 cell phone cases, multiple bookmarks, etc. I made.) So that means I finished 19 actual UFOs in 2009.

List of projects Completed
January 2009
Christmas Cookies with Janiacs

February 2009
Batik Rainbow
Just Strings Series: All Together Now
Wonky Hearts
Splat Attic Windows
Origami Bag
Underground Railroad Quilt Code
Dump Bag

March 2009
Freedom Tote
Dog Baby Bib
Embroidery Blanks
Bunny Basket
Trapunto Rose
Chicks Basket and Doily
Bunny and Egg Basket
Magic Trip Around the World

April 2009
Window of USA
Challenge Ribbons
3-D Butterfly

May 2009
Ruler Holder/Cutting Supplies Wall Hanger
She Loves Me, She Loves Me Knot Purse
Flying Geese Challenge Quilt
Cell Phone Cases (made 64)
Bookmarks (made 10)
Turning Twenty Again Quilt

June 2009
Missouri Botanical Gardens
Exploding Star
Teaquilts Banner
She Love Me She Loves Me Knot Purse 2
Christmas Charm Tote
Scrappy Ocean Waves
Totes for Charity (made 3)

July 2009
Portable Design Wall
Split 4-Patch
Covered Bridge
Fall Scene

August 2009
Birthday Banner
Block Swap Round Up
Crazy Pumpkin
Floral Garden
Halloween Treat Bags (made 5)

September 2009

October 2009
The Abbey Bag

November 2009
Frosty the Star Man

December 2009
A Star is Born
American Friendship Round Robin
Flower Garden (Wicked Easy Quilt)
Star Explosion (Exploding Star)
Quilted Notebook Covers (3)
Hunter's Star
I know, long and boring but I need to get this written down somewhere.

Tea in MO

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