Sunday, January 10, 2010

Two More Finishes

I finished two quilts this week, Heart's Content and Trip Around the Scrap Basket.  The Heart's Content quilt top is for a great niece.  I now have the 6 quilts done for my nephew's entire family.  I'll show them at my quilt guild next Thursday then I will have some free space in my storage area.  I've been working off and on with them for about 3 years.  I'm glad their off my UFO list!

The second finish is Trip Around the Scrap Basket.  I'm teaching this technique at our guild's retreat in February.  I didn't want to teach the class with just a top.  I've started another one to teach with that's all in batik fabrics.

Tea in MO


  1. That is a great scrap quilt...and I like how you did the borders too!

  2. What a lovely scrap quilt. Trip Around the Scrap Basket is a winner. So nice you finished 2 quilts during last week, great! Hugs, Ivani - in Brazil

  3. They are both lovely quilts!

  4. Very nice!! A true quilter you are. Happy Scrappy New Year!

  5. Tea,
    Your quilts are just beautiful!! I'm so impressed at how much you've accomplished.
    I made my first quilt in 2008 and a little scrappy lap quilt last year.
    Now I want to make another full size quilt this year.
    You've inspired me to forge ahead and get my quilt made.
    Have a great day!

  6. I found you! Love this scrap quilt pattern.


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