Monday, January 4, 2010

Design Wall Monday

Okay, I'm off track already.  I've decided to participate in Design Wall Mondays so here's what I worked on this weekend.  I actually made two of the pink/purple hearts, one with pink sashing and another with purple sashing.  Since the purple sashed one is for me, it's put up with my other tops.  I pieced borders on 3 quilts, two hearts and the red, white and blue stripes shown below.  I also made backings and bindings.  As you can see, I have pin basted one for quilting tonight.  These are the two quilts I need for a family of six.

This quilt is for my supervisor who is retiring around May of this year.  While I'm doing all the work, the department staff will help with expenses.  I have 6 more rows to piece.

Tea in MO


  1. I really love the hearts quilt. The pink/purple make it almost look 3D. Great job on all of the quilts!!!

  2. I love the quilt you are making for your supervisor! Is the pattern the Stacked 4-Patch?

  3. Welcome to Design Wall Mondays!
    Love the projects you're working on!


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