Sunday, January 17, 2010

Quiltathon and Design Wall Monday

I'm combining my Quiltathon and Design Wall Monday into one post as they sort of go together.  I've had a productive weekend. Click photo to see larger version that shows all projects. 

I pieced all 27 of the Crazy About Hearts and Stars blocks. 
I then realized I only need 10 more quilts for friends/family so I went shopping to get theme fabrics.  My nephew like basketball and my great nephew like writing lyrics and setting them to music.  So I cut and pieced 2 sliding bricks tops.  I have the backings pieced and the batting cut to size from yardage.
Then, I decided to work on some heart blocks that I won in a guild raffle.  Of course, none of the blocks were the same size, so I added a frame to them first.  Then I added some text I typed into my embroidery machine as the center white areas were plain, plain, plain and that just wasn't going to work.  I then squared them all to the same size. 

My goals for the week are:
(1) baste and quilt the music quilt
(2) sew the heart blocks into a top (minus the border for now as not sure what size I want the quilt to be)
and (3) sew the crazy stars/hearts into rows (still haven't decided on borders yet)

To see what others are working on go here for Quiltathon or here for Design Wall Monday.
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  1. You sure did get a lot done! I love the words you put in the heart centers. I hope you get your list done this week-happy sewing!

  2. What great HAPPY quilts. They would all be a joy to wrap up in. You had a really productive weekend.

  3. You got so much done over the weekend! Good going!

  4. Very exciting projects going on - lots to do!!

  5. Wow you sure did get a lot done. I want to join you guys hope I can keep up and not embarras myself. LOL. I love the hearts and stars block. Was it hard?
    Enjoy your week. Hope to be here next Monday.

  6. Love these quilts. The Stars and Hearts looks like a fun quilt as does the sliding bricks. You sure are one busy lady. Keep up the good work.

    Have a super great day!

  7. You really took the quiltathon to heart. Good work!!

  8. You did get a lot done - that's wonderful!

  9. I enjoyed looking at your machine embroidery projects. They are really impressive. I also enjoy machine embroidery, but have never attempted anything as large or complicated as your redwork snowman quilt or your winter wall hangings. I wish I lived close enough to take one of your classes.

  10. You sure had a great quiltathon weekend.
    Love your idea to stitch words inside the hearts. Hugs


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