Monday, January 25, 2010

Design Wall Monday

EDITED:  Thanks for the wonderful comments.  I appeaciate your thoughts and hope you come back next week.

I have a full design wall.  I got more done than I anticipated.  See for yourself. (Click photo for large view.)

Last week I wanted to piece the heart blocks for the "Love is..." quilt.  Well, I set the blocks, added a header and a few borders!  I have the backing sewed as well.  I've paused to make binding as I don't know if I want red or black.  The more I worked on this top, the more I fell in love with it.  I took blocks that I was not too fond of and now have a fantastic work of art.  The blocks were not all the same size so I had to square them up, making them larger than I would have like.  I had fun designing the borders in Electric Quilt software.

I did baste and quilt the "Musical Bricks" quilt for my nephew.  I was disappointed with this one as I used a poly batt made for long arm machine (I sewed on my domestic machine as I don't have a long arm myself) and it was so stiff I could hardly get it to move through the machine.  I like how the batt feels in the quilt as far as weight and it resembles a wool batting.  However, I could not quilt it like I wanted as it shifted my top pretty darn bad, causing puckers.  My nephew will not even notice so I decided to keep going and use it as a learning experience.  I even pin basted the "Playing Basketball" brick quilt so it's ready for a go at the machine (minus the poly batt of course.)

I sewed the "Crazy About Hearts and Stars" blocks into a top without borders.  I now know what I want to add, but don't feel like tackling it right now.

So, I worked on piecing the "Asian Influence" stacked posey quilt I'm making for my supervisor's retirement in May or June this year.  I had 3 rows of blocks sewn and had gotten bored with it.  I now have the top completed with borders and I have the backing and binding ready to go.

I can see that I need to call upon my great friends with long arm machines to make some appointments.  I hate to do that, but my pile of flimsys are getting bigger and bigger.

Goals for this week?  Let's see...

1.  Quilt Playing Basketball
2.  Pin baste the Love is... quilt top; maybe start quilting it if #1 is done early in the week
3.  Make 3rd Saturday block from The Quilted Fox shop
4.  Make border units for Crazy Hearts/Stars top
5.  Before all that, tidy up the sewing room.

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  1. You really got a lot done! Your hearts quilt is fab. I like having a "list to do" for the week helps to keep me on track.

  2. You are one very busy lady. Everything is wonderful, bright and cheery. Good work, well done!! The "to do list" is a great idea and a big help in getting so much accomplished.

    Have a great day.

  3. I got some batting like that and you are right, it is great for longarming. I didn't like the feel of it and complained long and loud but then loved the feel of the finished quilt. For domestic quilting I probably would use something like Quilter's Dream poly. It is soft and smooth.

  4. My goodness, don't forget to breathe! You have been very busy at your machine. Love the heart quilt!

  5. You really have been busy. And all these heart quilts just in time for Valentine's day! I love the Crazy about hearts and stars quilt. I have one here to quilt for QOV, but the piecer didn't remember the pattern

  6. Wow you really did a lot, such an inspiration I hope I can keep up

  7. Oh I do love your hearts for that batting....I don't quilt but I have bought a batch to use in several I had done and my quilting friend said "take it away and don't bring that back".......LOL .....Live and learn....take care.

  8. How fun to see your Buggy Barn stars/hearts quilt! Did you notice my table runner on my blog with the spring fabrics?
    You get so much done, in such wonderful colors. Thanks much for sharing it all.

  9. You accomplished quite a few things and it looks like you have a lot planned for this week too!

  10. Great work! I love your 'Love is ..' quilt!

  11. I love to visit your blog and see your design wall. There is always something wonderful to look at. The border on your heart quilt really looks great.

  12. wonderfull coloured Quilts you are sewing, excused my english, I am from North Germany
    i fond your blog in the quilt gallery


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