Thursday, December 31, 2009

Couple of more finishes for the year.

I'm adding two more finishes for the year to report for the works in progress challenge.  I have two banners I hope to get done tonight if possible or definitely tomorrow.

This first quilt is called Marbles and is for my nephew.  I made this top in May 2008 and it just sat there without a border.  It was supposed to go to someone else and when that fell through, I had not interest in working on it.  Then, I pulled it out and realizing that it was almost twin size that it would be perfect for a family quilt.  I now have 4 of 6 quilts that will go to this family.  Need one more for a great niece and a great nephew.

This one I started as a mystery quilt in a yahoo group in 2006 and finally decided to get it off the UFO list.  It's quilted on my home sewing machine and it took me almost a week to get it completed.  The colors are a lot richer making for a nice autumn quilt.

Tea in MO

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