Thursday, April 28, 2011

Quiltmaker's 100 Blocks: Blocks 46, 47, 48 and 49

I have 4 blocks to upload, 2 for last week and 2 for this week.  I'm still one block behind as I should have 50 completed by week's end.  It feels great to be at the half way point in my journey.  I just pulled fabrics from FQs and scraps to make these blocks so they have no defined theme.

Block 46 Midnight Dream
#126 on page 34
Carolyn Cullinan McCormick
CM Designs, Inc.
57 pieces

A great paper pieced block.  I found that the 4 corner units would make a great block as well so it's two blocks in one.

Block 47 Simply Sweet
#109 on page 26
Barbara Jones
7 pieces

I need to make some applique blocks so this one is easy.  I didn't even reverse the pattern to make with fusible web as the original is hand applique.  I've finally realized I can't do them all by needle turn with my current schedule; that's how I got behind making the blocks.  I decided to use satin stitch instead of button hole stitch.  I find the washed quilts hold up better with the satin stitch.

Block 48 Star Flight
#155 on page 49
Kathy Brown
The Teacher's Pet
37 pieces

Cute and easy to piece block. Enjoy the strong contrast of the black print with the other fabrics.

Block 49 Payton's Star
#160 on page 51
Sharyn Craig
37 pieces

This one is my favorite for the week.  Love the appearance that the block is made on point.

P.S. - Anyone going to Paducah on Friday?



  1. Your blocks look great. Midnight dreams would make a great full sized quilt, with an interesting secondary design to it.

  2. Did you go to Paducah? Loved it that our hometown quilter, Sue Stewart got another first with her Silver Lining quilt. She's amazing.
    Love your blocks BTW.


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