Monday, April 25, 2011

Design Wall Monday

My neighborhood was affected by the severe weather that hit the St. Louis area this weekend.  I was fortunate that my family and I did not suffer damages to our homes.  Most of us lost power from Friday evening through Sunday.  As I look at the damages to the metropolitan area, we are very fortunate that no fatalities occurred.  God definitely protected many, many people.

I did make one of my QM challenge blocks but will upload it later this week with additional blocks.  Scrap quilting club was canceled Saturday due to the weather so no pictures this month.  This is the start of our project due next month.  I only need 35 starter blocks but sewed everything I had in a bag of strings given to me by Doris at our last quilt guild meeting.  This is the result one person's trash being someone else treasure.

Since I had no power, a friend invited me over to sew and I quickly and graciously accepted.  I quilted the Black, White and "Red" All Over quilt for my retiring supervisor.  This will be her last week on the job.  Not sure how I feel about the next batch of changes affecting my department in the next few months.  Everyone hired or that I've worked with, having had close working relationships, have retired.  I'm having a woo is me kind of moment right now. I just need look over the quilt to clip strings and check quilting tension before handing it over as the binding is also done.


  1. The red on the black/white quilt adds a nice bit of visual interest. I am sure she will love it! Your string blocks look's amazing what wonderful blocks and quilts can come from scraps.

  2. Tea, so happy that you and family are safe from that big storm. This weather is really getting out of hand. Stay safe.

  3. Goodness, I am glad there was not more damage and loss of life with the storms. This year seems extraordinarily bad.

  4. The black/white/red will be a wonderful gift for her to treasure. Glad you were out of the way of the storms. It is horrible to watch those happen in places I know we have quilter friends.


  5. What a wonderful retirement gift. I'm sure it will be treasured for a long time. And the string quilt looks wonderful.

  6. I'm glad you are ok. I saw the airport on the news and it looked really bad. My dd was in California and supposed to come back in to St. Louis on Saturday. They were rerouted to Chicago, then a train to St. Louis, and then a bus to the station. I didn't ask if her power was out. She lives about 5 miles from the airport.

    What a great retirement gift! She will love it.

  7. I was wondering about you all weekend since I knew that the St. Louis area had been hit and even the airport was closed. Glad to hear you and your family are okay. From the sounds of the reports it is a miracle that there were no fatalities or serious injuries reported. EF4.

    That recent storm system that spread thru AK OK, MS, AL and then did even more damage in NC was bad but I assume the spots that were hit in St. Louis were far more populated.

  8. What a wonderful retirement gift. No one gave me anything that wonderful when I retired. I am really glad you and yours are all right.

  9. COngrats on another great finish! About your work...don't tell anyone that you makes quilts and they won't leave!
    Love the string blocks...very fun!

  10. I've traveled through STL a lot and always wondered about storms with all those windows. When they renovated the OKC airport, all the bathrooms were designed to be tornado shelters.

    Glad you are safe and good luck to all in the STL area in recovery.


  11. I love both of your quilts. the string one is really impressive. So glad you and your family was safe, that looked awful scary!


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