Monday, February 8, 2010

Design Wall Monday

I had three meetings last week and wasn't 'home' to sew much.  Did I tell you I'm a member of not one, but two long arm quilters' groups.  I joined them because:
1. I can apply some of the techniques when quilting on my domestic machine.
2. They (professional members) give discounts on thread and other quilting supplies.
and 3. I have 2 friends that allow me to use their long arm machines sometimes.

So, after one of the meetings on Saturday, one friend told me I could use her machine yesterday.  So, that rearranged my goals for this week.  As planned, I got the 4-patch quilt blocks sewn into a top see photo below) using an amaging technique piecing squares horizontally then cutting them to put them on point.  (I have pattern somewhere that is currently hiding at the moment.)  I had so much fun I started another 4-patch quilt in greens, browns, blacks, and tans. This one is for my brother and from experience, I decided to cut the squares larger rather than add 3 borders to get it to twin size.  Then, for the "Colors of America" top I made the back and squared it up since I was able to quilt it on the long arm machine.  I used that pesky batting I mentioned here in the Musical Bricks quilt.  It works beautifully on the long arm machine!  In addition, I quilted the "Crazy About Hearts and Stars" top.  On this one I had a few eyelashes on the back.  I decided to fix that on my home machine instead of using my long arm quilting time ripping. 

Click photos to make them larger...
Even though I didn't make the tote bag last week, I'm excited that I got two quilts quilted in one day as opposed to a couple of weeks.

I don't know what I want to do this week as I have a trip planned (if that occurs as it's looking a little shaky at the moment.)  Depending upon the status of my trip, I'll set tentative goals this week to:

1.  Make tote bag
2.  Fix eyelashes on Hearts/Stars
3. Piece 4-patches quilt top
4. Bind Colors of America quilt.

Want to see more design walls?  Go to Patchwork Times.  Enjoy!
Tea in MO

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  1. What a great idea about joining the long-arm quilters. Great job on the quilting, too. I've been retreating this past week and got alot done. I've posted one project and will post more during the week...if you get a change, pop over and take a look
    Take care.


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