Thursday, February 25, 2010

Trip Around the Scrap Basket Class

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I'm sharing photos of quilts in progress of retreat class I taught.  I gave the option of making a crib or twin size quilt.  Some used the crib block size to make a larger quilt and will thus make more blocks than required.

This collage shows some of the layouts we discussed during class.  These blocks finish at 6" instead of 3.75" finished like in my class sample for the crib size quilt.  It was fun to figure out new settings.  I didn't get pictures of everything that was on the design wall, but the purpose is to play with your blocks until you get something you like.  My second quilt will be made with the center layout in bottom row.

This collage shows the first group of quilts in progress. Barb's was made in pastels for a baby-girl-to-be. Kathy used oriental prints. Elsie used batiks like I did but the coloring looks completely different. Laura used fabrics that appear to be fall related. Cynthia used reproduction fabrics that have a patriotic look.  Jennifer used fabrics from her mom's Hawaiian clothing and she used the setting I'm using in above photo to showcase the fabrics.  Karen and Lenore used various scraps.  Connie used various scraps but put a medium fabric in one of the light positions.  We had to get creative to come up with her layout.  I may have to make that "mistake" in a quilt for me as it turned out gorgeous.  Debby has a relaxing weekend walking the complex and she's holding up her blocks.

On the final collage, we have Kathleen who used both sides of batik fabrics.  One of the sides have gold stripping and the other side is plain - made a wonder watercolor effect and she plans to make the quilt larger using the smaller blocks.   Kathy has a quilt that look fall too.  Sue use various scraps.  Lee Etta had too much fun this weekend and is holding her blocks in her hand.  Judy decided to make "another" quilt with her blocks by accident but it should be pretty too.  Norma used a lot of southwestern and cowboy prints. Vickie used various jungle theme prints and the effect was awesome.  Jane used cool color batiks for her quilt and is make a king size quilt with the 3.75" blocks.

I love seeing class projects as it just proves that the fabrics will determine the final outcome of the quilts.  Hope you enjoy the show.
Tea in MO


  1. The quilts are great. It's amazing that color choices makes each quilt look different. They did a great job.

  2. Isn't it wonderful seeing how differently the quilts turn out based on setting and fabrics? Who could ever be bored making scrap quilts?


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