Monday, February 15, 2010

Design Wall Monday

Needless to say, my trip to Atlanta was canceled due to the 3-4 inches of snow they received Friday...which was during the time I was scheduled to land at the airport.  I wouldn't dare put my friends through the trouble of picking me up.  My girlfriend said that an hour commute turned into a 4-hour commute.  Glad I was home.  We got snow too, but we're used to it.

I'm showing part of what I worked on this past week.  Two family quilts in progress.  The rail fence blocks will be set on point and that is for my brother.  The double hour glass blocks are for my friends in Atlanta.  I still have a few blocks to make for both of them.

What I worked on that's not shown here are: (1) I have binding sewed to the front of crazy about hearts and stars and have 1.5 sides to hand sew down on the back; (2) I finished the "craps" quilt top for my brother - need to be quilted; (3) I made a portrait quilt for a guild challenge - I can't show the picture now but will try to get a picture up Friday morning after the challenge - they will know it's me.

Goals for this week:
(1) enjoy retreat this weekend
(2) work on blocks for class I'm teaching at retreat this weekend
(3) finish binding on Crazy About Hearts and Stars
(4) continue working on 2 quilt tops in photo

Enjoy your week everyone.  To see more design walls, go see Judy.
Tea in MO


  1. I love the colors you used in your Double Hour Glass quilt. They look as though they are ready to pop right off the blue background.

  2. I really like the double hour glass. Great quilt!

  3. Have a great time on retreat!
    You will likely have lots to show us next week:)


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