Sunday, September 15, 2013

What's Up and Round Robin Quilts

This has been an amazingly busy year for me.  I had numerous trips involving line dancing and quilting.  So far, I have traveled to Ohio, Michigan (twice), Georgia, Chicago (twice), Philadelphia, and Indiana for line dancing.  I've traveled all over Missouri providing quilting lectures and workshops.  In addition to that, my job has been jump started with providing facility training on all shifts to over 300 employees.  In addition, my family life is demanding too.  Sometimes I'm so tired that just thinking about my schedule is too much. During those times, I'd prop myself up in bed and read of just do absolutely nothing.

I have been working on new projects, rounds robins, and even completing some works in progress.  In addition, I probably have some scrap club photos as well.  I will be posting a series of posts this week to (hopefully) get caught up.  We'll see how this goes. :0)  You don't want to miss tomorrow's upload on one of my works in progress I hope to have finished by the end of the month.

First up are two round robin quilts that I worked on.

The first one belongs to my friend Norma.  She used a center block made my newest angel in heaven, Karen.  When I got the top, I felt like the theme had changed from the original feel of the fabrics.  I had scraps left over from the frolic line so I used those as they matched very well with the center fabrics.  The quilt was getting a little busy so i just added 3" finished squares all around.

The new round robin quilt I worked on belongs to my friend Sarah. I used my embroidery machine to embroider two different flower blocks.  The designs are by Sarah Vedeler; the blocks themselves are part of Quiltmaker Magazine's project in the July/August 2013 edition called "Fantasy Flowers". I ran out of fabric and had to piece a few blocks but I was determined not to add a different fabric.  
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  1. Hi Tea. So glad to hear from you. Wow, have you been busy. Reading about all that you've been doing is mind boggling. Take care of yourself.

  2. Hi Tea!!

    You have any videos of you doing the Wobble? Post a link :)


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