Monday, September 23, 2013

Design Wall Monday

Hi everyone!  I'm getting excited about this project.  I still may not have The Mariner's Quilt completed by Saturday, but I will have enough completed so that is can be in the show.  The body of the quilt is sewn into one section with an opening on the driver's side; the top panel has been adjusted so that is doesn't sag as much; the red panels will be attached with hook and loop tape.  To see all sides of the car, view the video below.  Thanks for watching.

Also on my design wall are two machine embroidery projects that I'm working on.  They were both a lot of fun!  I find I'm loving the embroidery with "embellishments" over the standard embroidery designs. The first is a design by Sara Vedeler and the second is by Husqvarna.  The first will be a pillow and the other a small wall hanging.

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  1. Your applique block is beautiful. The quilted car ........ LOL ........ I'd need to have a HUGE sense of humor to drive it through MY town. Do you drive it around non-quilty places? (grin)

  2. OMG, Tea, your car quilt is really shaping up. I watched the video and still am amazed at how you've accomplished it. Great job. I'm sure it will be a hit at the show!!

  3. What a fun project! You have a great imagination. I'm sure there are many hours of work in this.


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