Sunday, September 16, 2012

My Weekend, Finished Projects, Design Wall Monday

I attended the Round Bobbin Expo on Saturday. Actually, my guild had a booth that I staffed for an hour or so.  I saw the funniest quilt, Haunted by UFOs that I had to share.  While I'm definitely not stressed about having well over 125 works in progress it did make me stop for a moment to think about them.  I even counted how many UFOs are completed quilt tops.  I found 20 quilts that need backs made and another 17 with backs made ready for quilting.

I finished the binding on four quilts today!  Yeah!!! Mon Sheri Waves, available at the following link,,is a project assigned to the Scrap Quilting Club in May.  I brought my GO! Cutter to the meeting and anyone that wanted to participate could cut their drunkards path blocks with the die. I did make a modification and added setting triangles all the way around instead of chopping off the sides as instructed in the pattern.

Tumbling Frolics is finally finished. I have a tutorial on cutting fabrics with the GO! Cutter on my blog I uploaded in October 2010. I really like this quilt and don't know why I didn't quilt it sooner.  The binding was relatively easy to sew, just cut a stripe fabric on the bias and then sewed in a slight curve fashion along the edges; worked for me!

In 2001 I made a Butterfly Kaleidoscope (scroll down and look on right) stack and whack quilt. I've always been a saver and user of scraps.  When I cut the first angle to get 45 degree angle, I cut the scraps into squares. After making the quilt, I pieced this quilt top, putting stars around the kaleidoscope squares.  It's been sitting the the quilting pile all these years.  Boy am I glad this one is completed.

I made this rail fence quilt top for my brother in February of 2010 but never got it quilted.  I thinks he's finally ready for his quilt. LOL  

I sewed some more on my line dance t-shirt quilt. I'm working on adding a photo border all the way around. I have two sides made, taking up 6 hours of my sewing time.  I sure didn't think it would take so long to make this border.  I decided to put it aside to work on bindings instead. As I look at this picture during the upload, there is definitely no space to rest the eyes on this quilt!

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  1. Wow - awesome finishes! Love the GO! for cutting scraps. Your T shirt quilt is lovely, and big. When I told my 5 yr old this weekend that one of his shirts was too small and we'd have to get rid of it, he said "can't you just put it in a quilt?" (P.S. I'm getting myself a paypal account, so I'll be in touch.)

  2. Amazing progress! There were some great quilts in that stack.

  3. I love the colors in the saves and stars quilts! Just wonderful!

  4. Ooh, finishes! They always feel so good. I know why you put these away--you got excited about the next beauty of a quilt to make!


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