Sunday, September 2, 2012

My day...

As I start typing this post, it's 11:53 p.m.  Don't quite know why I not asleep other that I'm excited with how my day progressed.

First, I posted about the bath remodel earlier in the week but received spam comments advertising remodeling supplies and services.  I attempted to delete the comments from my phone and instead deleted the post. Anyway, the most exciting part of my day was the completing of the bath remodel.  I guess I was too exhausted with the waiting to take finished photos; will upload a few.  Here is one wall from the previous post that was mistakenly deleted prior to grouting.  About Wednesday, I was getting a little testy with the inconvenience so I'm really excited that it's all over; it took almost two weeks.

My other exciting event was using a friend's long arm machine to quilt a few quilts.  Yesterday I pieced backs and cut batting for seven quilt tops. Here are photos of two of them on the frame; forgot to take the third photo.  I plan to go back tomorrow to quilt another 2-3 quilts, depending upon time. In my WIP stack, I have over 30 quilts that need quilting.

Have a blessed Sunday!

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  1. Your bathroom looks great! What a relief it must be to get rid of all the remodeling mess. So glad you have the use of a longarm! You will have a stack of finished quilts to admire before you know it.

  2. The bathroom looks great from here. I know you are very happy to have your home back!


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