Monday, September 3, 2012

Design Wall Monday

Along with the bathroom remodel, I've been busy with quiltmaking.  It was the only thing keeping me sane during the process. By Tuesday, I was ready to scream really loud.  To see photos of the finished room, click HERE.

On Tuesday I gave a lecture on scrap quilts to Loose Threads quilt guild that meets in Ballwin, Missouri. I enjoyed meeting new people and ran into a few friends that I knew from other quilt guilds and quilt shops. Below is a photo of my table set up.  I completely forgot to bring my quilt stand. LOL Behind the first table is three bins with more quilts!
Friday I spent the day sewing quilt backs and cutting batting for seven quilts.  I headed over to a friend's house (who is out of town) to borrow her long arm machine for a round of marathon quilting.  I already appreciated my local long arm machine quilters but quilting so many quilts in such a short period time made me also admire them. I had top tension problem, bobbin tension problems, bobbin spring popping out, thread breakage, pin sticks, feet hurting from standing so long (even on one of those stress mats), a little back pain, a loose seam toward the end of one quilt I needed to creatively repair, frame adjustments, and probably a few other things I'm not remembering at the moment.  Just because it's quilted on a long arm machine doesn't mean it's stress free. By the way, I gave up on quilt #7 at 5pm; I was tired and wanted a nap!

If I get any time this week, it will be spent making binding; only one of these will have the binding installed completely by machine.  I'll talk about them more as I finish them.

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  1. 7 quilts in one day!? That is amazing. Glad you are making good use of your longarm time.

  2. Wow! You are so busy...I can't imagine working like you were on quilts AND a remodel! Hope you have a great day today! :)

  3. Way to go. You must feel like you've actually accomplished something. Lucky you to have a friend with a longarm machine. Have fun with all that binding.

  4. Wow, major progress! Hope you got your nap at the end.

  5. That sure is one list of quilts - wow, you are the overachiever here! Good luck for the bindings!


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