Sunday, September 2, 2012

Bath Remodel - FINISHED

Yesterday the bathroom was completely finished.  I feel like I'm living inside of a HGTV home remodel program.  I just want to stand at the door and admire this beautiful room.  I need to purchase new trash can and soap dishes as the ones we purchased before the work began do not look good in the finished room.

I now have the remodel bug and will start shopping for supplies to get the kitchen done next year. This time I should be able to get better prices since I have a longer period to shop than I did with the bath.

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  1. Wow! Your new bathroom looks fantastic!!! Definately HGTV material! Love the tiles and the niches in the bath wall. The lighting in the bath is great and the fixture over the sink is beautiful! ENJOY!!! And then get back to quilting those quilts! ;) Peggy FVQG

  2. Wow! It’s nice to know that your bathroom is all done and polished now. It looks gorgeous. I admire the classy elegance of your center wall. It’s perfect for the tub spot! Your blue wall is stunning. I didn’t know blue could be an amazing color for bathrooms. I suggest you use one of your favorite wall designs for your right wall. I think your designs will look really beautiful there!

    Kristopher Diss


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