Thursday, September 13, 2012

My Design Wall

I'm so late posting for this week that I missed design wall Monday.  I'm posting anyway as I have done a little work. I have binding sewed on three of the six quilts I quilted but am slowly hand sewing it to the back. I will post finished photos of each quilt when I get there.

My Christmas Scraps quilt is ready for sewing the blocks into rows.  I now have all the blocks labeled.

I also did a little work on my t-shirt quilt that is now changing to a line dancing t-shirt photo quilt.  I had problems getting the pictures printed, even having to send the original printer back to the manufacturer.  Then I got slowed down as my husband decided to upgrade our Internet service and had to wait to install the wireless printer.  I FINALLY got the photos printed with pretty good clarity.  I printed them on Timeless Treasures printer photo fabric.

Have a great weekend everyone!
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  1. Wow, your t-shirt quilt is fab! I love the layout & everything about it!


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