Monday, April 26, 2010

Design Wall Monday

I missed last Monday's post but made sure I caught up this week.  In my last post I told you about Block Party Sampler quilt I was working on.  It is now finished and the post is here.  I had a very successful trip to Pittsburg, KS and Joplin, MO.  I had access to post last week but was just too tired to do so.

On my design wall today is the Twist and Shout top (sorry, blogspot is turning my photo) from pattern by Lyn Brown.  It's really a neat way to get a quilt on point.  I'd seen this before in an old book at home with rail fence blocks but didn't want to cut up my blocks after sewing into a top so I forgot about it.  Now, why was it so easy to cut just plain ole squares?  I selected this pattern for the scrap quilting club's first project.

My scrap quilting club met Saturday and we swapped the Bento Box quarters.  My generally "bright" quilt turned into something not too bright and not too sedated.  I really like getting fabrics from swaps.  This photo is of the scrappy version.  My blocks are sewn with sashing in the middle.  I still have to add a border in the beige fabric before adding the red print as the final border.

And here is the Batiks only quarters we swapped.  My scrap quilting club is doing an awesome job?  Now I have to figure out how I want the second top pieced...

Again, another scrap quilting club project.  We are working on a major project over a few months.  We have until the end of May to make 305 3.5" 4-patches.  I started on mine yesterday and made 110 units that need to be pressed open.  I have a few more 2-piece sections ready for the next batch.  These were all made from 2" squares and 2" strips I had already cut that was stored in my studio.

I worked on some other projects but don't have photos of them, so that's all for now.  To see more design walls, go visit Patchwork Times.
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  1. Looks like you have been very busy. I like both of the Bento Blocks quilts and am eager to see what happens with all the little four patches.

  2. I like all the pics but my favorite is the batik quilt, so pretty.

    kathie L.

  3. Love the batik blocks!!! I see your scrap club is an in person group--lucky, lucky you!!! I do love my scraps...

  4. I love the Twist & Shout quilt...I don't think I've ever heard of the design before. And Bento is always a neat quilt to make...all those color possibilities.

  5. I have always wanted to do a bento box. Maybe you will inspire me! glen

  6. really like the bento blocks-love the batiks. Your scrap club is doing an awesome job for sure!

  7. Twist and Shout----I think I am going to look for that pattern---I love on point quilts but they can be time intensive. Your post has also got me looking for my Bento Box pattern---I know I have one somewhere---
    Have a great day!

  8. Love your Bento blocks. I need to work on some of those.

  9. Girl you just wear me out!! You get so much done :)

  10. I came over here for Pins and Needles to check out your blog and your quilts are awesome ;)


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