Friday, April 23, 2010

Back Home

I've neglected posting in the past 1-1/2 weeks.  I must admit that my schedule got a little overwhelming even for my standards.  First I was busy prepping for my upcoming road trip to Pittsburg, KS and Joplin, MO.  Here is a photo of me leaving my home with the car packed.

What?  You can't see in the car?  Get ready to be shocked.  Here my car is stuff with all my quilts and stuff. This shot is of the back passenger side.  The quilts on the left are for my Sampler Quilts lecture.  The ones in the middle are the remaining of the quilts for the Scrap Quilts lecture.  That's not it, hold on...

This is the driver rear area.  The red case has my clothes and remaining quilt supplies I couldn't fit anywhere else.  The tan container is holding everything I need to teach the Exploding Star class.  The Target bag holds Snapware containers I gave as door prizes.  The blue you see is my sewing machine cloth cover (car way too full to get the machine carrier in there. 

But that's not all, my friend Sarah has to get in their with her luggage and sewing machine too.  I don't have that shot, but here is Sarah sewing at the workshop.

Oh, but wait, you haven't seen the trunk. I had about 40 quilts in there, bottle water, and very minimum car tools.  Not an inch to spare.  These are the remaining quilts for the Scrap Quilts lecture.

The following pictures are of the workshop at the Little Balkins Quilt Guild in Pittsburgh, KS.  I'm in the photo with some of the participants partially completed projects.

I also gave the Scrap Quilts lecture in Pittsburg before going to Joplin, MO to present two programs.  For the Town & Country Quilters, I gave the Scrap Quilts lecture.  I got to see some familiar faces as some members of this guild are also members of the Little Balkins guild.  Then, I gave the Sampler Quilts lecture at the Four Corners Quilt Guild in Joplin, MO.  I'm sure you can guess that members of the Town & Country guild are also members at this guild too.  I again saw familiar faces!

I must thank Mary LeClerc of Quilting in Oz for recommending me as a speaker to the Pittsburg guild.  I was then able to offer my services to the other guilds.  I went to Mary and Tom's home where Mary gave me the most amazing quilt show.  She does beautiful work and must be the fastest hand appliquer (sp) in the world!  She blogged about my visit here:  Teajuana Mahone

Everyone I meet in Pittsburgh and Joplin were so nice.  I made so many friendships during my visit.  I have many contacts and have a few who are planning to come to the St. Louis area for a shop hop.  I'm going to try to convince them to make it a retreat at one of our facilities that's setup for quilters.  I'm looking forward to my next visit to these areas, even if I'm not hired to lecture.  Thanks Pittsburgh and Joplin for making me feel so welcome.

If that trip wasn't enough, I hopped in my car (after I cleaned it out) and headed to Paducah, KY for the big show.  It was a great show and I saw some familiar faces here too.  First, I ran into people in my guild.  Then a quilter in the guild where I taught at their retreat last June.  What was even funnier was seeing a group from the Pittsburg, KS area where I visited this past Monday.  I saw some beautiful quilts in Paducah, the food and weather was excellent, and the event was well attended.  I was glad I was so overwhelmed with my own schedule that I wasn't able to concetrate to leave TOO much money behind.  I left a little, but I left some things I would have liked.  I was so tired by then that I wasn't sure if I was being practical, so I just quilt.  I left the area around 4:15 and headed for home.  I'm glad I did as I had showers on the drive home.  I got home just as the rain was getting heavier.

Today was spent sleeping.  During my periods of alertness, I sorted and stored all the quilts.  I now need a vacation from my vacation.  Oh, but wait, I must go pack for Scrap Quilting Club tomorrow.  No rest in the schedule for now.  I've gotta go.
Tea in MO


  1. Hope you can get some good relaxing rest this weekend, Tea. And be sure to let me know about those retreats!

  2. OMGosh - I can't believe you can fit in that car, PLUS finding room for your friend! How do you ever remember what is where??? What a hoot!

    LOVE visiting your blog - you ALWAYS have good things to share. 8-)))

  3. What great fun you are having! Wish I could see your quilt show and see what all those quilts packed into the car look like when they are opened up!


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