Monday, December 31, 2012

Design Wall Monday

I had a very full week but still managed to get a lot of sewing done.  I started making blocks for the scrap quilting club's 2013 yearlong project.  I try to start them a little bit before assigning them so I can get the kinks out so to speak.  I now have 24 of 50 paper pieced trees done.  I have one more week of trees that are due by the end of February so I'm way ahead of schedule.
On Friday, I received all the pieces I needed to work on the Accuquilt Studio's 2013 BOM.  So after work, I cut out the entire quilt and by Sunday evening, I pieced blocks 1 through 11; number 12 hasn't been released yet. This has to be the fastest sampler quilt blocks I've ever made.  I used Studio and GO! dies in this quilt. I was missing a couple of dies used to cut the pieces so I used a rotary cutter to cut those. It makes a difference cutting with the cutter because all the triangle points are clipped, making it easy to line up pieces.   I'm really excited about my upgrade.  Also, my GO! cutter arrived on Friday too. I didn't get my cutter back, but one that was refurbished. I really don't mind and it's working very well. Now I have a cutter to use at home and one when I go on retreats or loan to friends.  I'm a happy Accuquilt customer. LOL

Also on Sunday, my daughter decided to start working on a jacket she wants to make (with my help, of course). She came over yesterday to start the cutting. She is a hoot.  She reported fours late, brought food to eat first and checked the social media sites.  In the 3-4 hours of her visit, she learned how to layout the pattern pieces, cut and mark the fabrics.  I sent her home with the assignment of cutting the lining fabric. I'll keep you posted if she ever come back.

Oh, and she did not come alone, she brought Paige with her. We all had a great time and it was a treat to sew/create with my daughter.

Wishing everyone a safe and propserous New Year!  To see more design walls, visit


  1. Gosh, I LOVE those trees! 50 trees in January and it's a year-long project? How big will it be??

  2. I really love those trees!!! Take care and have a great new year!!

  3. I envy your ability to quilt with your daughter. Only one of my two is "sewing inclined", but she lives in Washington state so no spontaneous sew dates for us! Your daughter and Paige look too cute! Happy New Year! I have enjoyed your blog this year and look forward to next.

  4. Wow, I went back a year or so on your blog. You do beautiful work and obviously a very busy quilter. Love it.


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